The x2 Bufferfit, 200-300dps, Worm

So that thing was nerfed already a long while ago, with its drone bandwidth reduced, and was a welcome change. That thing was proper cancer and every risk-averse nitwits were using it.

Nonetheless, the problem persists, in pure brawl or kity, it is still, WAY too strong, namely for its tank of 15k ehp, and with its remaining 250-300 dps …

Couple that with a lazy pilot and super bling setup and augmented drones, and that thing steamrolls anything in a purebrawl or kity 1v1.

And by anything, I do mean even a Bluepill, Capstable PithumShieldBooster Jaguar.

That ■■■■ is just crazy and dumb if we dont want to start calling Eve P2W…

Would I have had to go HG Crystals to kill that thing ?

The very fact Im even considering that goes to show how broken and OP that ship is, STILL.

A mate even sugggested a dual ECM fit Firetail to jam the drones with …

THAT is how far that bloody ship goes in terms of OP, if the only counter is non-role specific mods, and THAT is why it should get the nerfbat once again.

The “kill his drones” argument is already made redundant because by the time of having to retarget both drones, web, and shoot, the first couple drone volley dps, + rocket dps would eventually break you, and you would not have even started on that 15k ehp tank of his …

Edit: For more info, look for a character named “Sokolnikov” in zkill, who just solod 3x T2 AC w/PLATED rifters in 1 minute…

fact checked and found to be a LIE ! back under the bridge , LIAR TROLL !!

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calm down , miner . the ‘solo’ part’s the lie … those botting rifters were in a plex taking npc damage . one was killed and returned to the same plex typical bot behavior .

for them to be 3 bots and die within 1 min in the same place simultaneously, they’d have be pretty well coordinated suicidal bots …

Whining for nerfs aye, why dont u just get good

1v1 isn’t real in EVE…
obvious troll is obvious

Well since he has since lost one of those Worms. And it was a 400mil loss EXCLUDING the 90% of his fit that was Abyssal mods. I think its not that weird to say that he probably lost a close to 1 Bil Worm.

I am fine with a 1B worm being able to take out 3 T2 fitted Rifters. Sounds perfectly fair to me to be honest.

Yes, it has now been fairly established that, for some sore losers, Eve will remain a Pay2win game, because flying P2W ships and steamrolling under-powered opponents, represents “half of Eve” to them …

That guy eventually lost his 1b worm in a duel, to one considerably cheaper, and he hasn’t even logged back in since.

The rotten mentality simply is, as shown, and is a problem for the game and its reputation, as P2W mechanics for shite players are being catered to and encouraged as “sandbox”, but that is just my opinion.

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His killboard look good to you? I laugh at it. His ISK effecienty is a joke, add to that that he is hiding 75% of the value of his ships in Abyssal modules the killboard wont assign value to. He is losing 2x if not 3x the ISK he is killing.

For P2W you have to actually Win, that killboard does not look like it belongs to a winner to me.

No, that’s my point actually, he’s a ■■■■ player, yet the way current game mechanics work, allows his mentality to just buy its way into taking a dump on under-powered enemies, and feel so elite/proud about it, whilst giving a bad reputation for the game.

Not sure if, or anything, should be done about it in terms of game designs imo, but Im just here calling it out for what it is.

Peronally I am fine with it, a game of this size and scope without having tiers to weapons and modules would be crazy. Plus high end sites need special loot. The fact that ISK can give you a better ship is just common sense really.

And by how many of them he loses, its also clearly not worth it/working. So yea he might get an easy kill on a sh*t fit rifter once in awhile. Who cares, even a cheap fit worm should do that. The kills he gets are in no way special, I can’t speak for him obviously. But I doubt he is proud of it. Cause there are just no stats to back that up.

I think he either has the real life money or is the alt of someone insanely space rich and is just having fun. Which seems like a good idea when you are gaming.

Risk and reward are well balanced in this game. The ISK ratio on his KB clearly show he is taking risks that arent worth it (except for maybe entertainment value)

But he is losing ISK while doing it, he is not winning or improving anything. All this ISK spend and lost is basically just good for the game as a whole. Wish there were more of these guys out there. You simply know he’ll be in bling. Run a locator and go get him.

I can think of 10 frigs that would beat this thing. Plenty of them can tank 300 DPS, some are quick enough to out run the drones or speed tank them by making their MWD switch on and off. Some can do enough DPS for a buffer to survive. This thing is not nearly as deadly as you think it is. But none of them are sh*t fit rifters. It will beat rifters even 3 of them. Which is perfectly fine. The Worm doesnt make my top 10 for PVP frigs and I’d happily fight one.

Lol, I almost went and bought Worm, but then I checked the 1B fit, and not so crazy win ratio.

Eve is pay to win, for sure better gear is better. But you so not win all of the time, and when you loose on a frigate 1B, that can be expensive.

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