I Hate Punishers

Punishers are ridiculous they are and always were far more of a pain to PVP than griffins ever were even before they gave them an extra low slot. They have literally double the HP of any other T1 Destroyer or Frigate and people just throw them in the way knowing that they are indestructable in any reasonable amount of time even with 3 ships shooting it. They are pretty much the only reason I ever used griffin and now they have gone everything is punisher on scan right forget it warp off. If they are not fitted like that then they have 5 warp core stabs to run timers.


I see a punisher every now and then. They are tanky but slow. Which means if you can’t take em, you moonwalk out the fight or if you can you can chase em down easy.

I do not consider the punisher powerful outside of gangs. And they don’t get into sites stab fit.



They get into ungated sites

Only if you fit them that way I am sure they are quite fast with overdrive instead of plates just nobody ever does

These are few and cruisers get in them awsell.

No web and other frigs can also fit nanos and overdrives.

The Punisher is a much under-rated ship. Don’t tell everyone about it!

It’s naturally slow (you have to trade a lot of tank to match speed with some other ships), it’s got limited tackle (only two mid-slots) so range control is hard. But: it’s a tanky little bugger with a big punch. Flown well it’s very effective.
Very Amarrian.

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So … the Punisher is indestructible? My my, seems the movie was actually accurate.

I disagree, compare it to a destroyer, Catalyst or Coercer, the only thing is does worse is firepower and there it is also wrong it should have 3 turrets and a laser bonus, the versatility mixed with the damage to tank ratio, not only is it going to hold a destroyer long enough for it’s buddies to turn up there is a good chance it will beat it.

And cruisers are going to Alpha a punisher or something that a destroyer cant do, against a punisher cruisers are going to have the same difficulty in killing it.

Mate, you need to stop comparing it to destroyers. Dessies are glass cannons. They don’t have the slots or resources to fit better tanks than frigs. They beat frigs with overwhelming dps, range and application (several things that you’re ignoring).

Whatever man. You’re not really taking on board what I’m saying anyways.



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Considering that 99% of punishers are just bait anyways, I don’t see a problem with this.

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“Me and my alts in faction ships have trouble killing a frig w/o prop mod.”

It’s a throwaway tanky bait… slower than a reversing titan, with piss poor dps and projection. If you dislike stabs go pew in null :3

I don’t mind worms because worms die, punishers respawn infinitely.

The problem is even when you know they are bait there is no counter other than running away for most ships

Which frigate gets more dps ?

Fit a neut.

Blaster boats do.

Atron, incursus and merlins.

And looking at the punishers you’ve killed, everything does more dps than them!

Seriously folks. Take a gander.

Punishers are blaster boats

Because punishers neut out really fast and besides they are buffer it only allows you to get away which you could have done when you saw them on scan.

Well, I like Punishers. So FU OP.

No explanation why so I will just assume it is because you find flying a proper ship too challenging.

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Not the ones you’re facing. And ones that do fit blasters are even easier to pull range from or kite.

So kite them in an attack frig. Can’t rep. Can’t chase. Even 50dps is enough. May take a while but they are so slow when buffer fit that they can’t get away.

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