An idea to make Punisher usable for 1on1 PvP

I’m joining FW for Amarr. What I enjoy there is 1on1 PvP with T1FG in Scout Plex.

As a ship to use there, I found Punisher to be very hard to use. The reason is that it has only 2 mid slots, and it is also not suitable as a kite-ship. Because of this, Punisher cannot have an advantageous combat range over other ships.

T1FG is one of the few ship types permitted to enter the Scout-NVY Plex. In spite of this, it is disappointing that there is a combat T1FG that is not suitable for 1on1 PvP.

I know Punisher is a good ship for non-1on1 PvP uses (PvE for rookie, FG fleet DPS, bait, etc). Even so, I don’t think it should be left useless for 1on1 PvP. Below is an idea from me to make Punisher easier to use in 1on1 PvP.

-Turret Hardpoint reduced to 3 (from 4)
-Added Bonus: 5% bonus to Energy Turret rate of fire per Amarr FG skill level
-PG and CPU reduced by about 5

With this change, the new Punisher with 3 turrets will have the same DPS and capacitor consumption as current Punisher with 4 turrets (when max Amarr FG skill). And PG and CPU are also slightly reduced with reducing turrets.

As a result of this, the new Punisher gets 1 high utility slot. This means it can have Neut or Nos. Perhaps, many pilots will want to have Neut. The new Punisher with Neut will be strong in close range combat, which has been weak so far.

In that case, Pulse Laser would be better weapon than Beam Laser. Tormentor and Executioner that is same Amarr ships are more suited to Beam Laser, so this will also broaden the diversity of 1on1 PvP ships, I think.

Next, consider the impact of this change outside of 1on1 PvP.

For PvE, and fleet DPS using Beam, it has little impact. PG and CPU are reduced a bit, so EHP when used as bait may be slightly less, but it’s acceptable (rather, I think it’s a bit OP now).

As far as I can imagine, it would be a big nerf to use with other empire’s turrets. It will have 25% less DPS compared to now when using any turrets other than energy turrets (simply, number of turrets 4->3). But I think it should be accepted. Because, Punisher is Amarr ship.

What do you think about this?

2 mids is indeed punishing. A few questions:

  • Have you tried auto cannon Punisher?
  • Have you tried honor tackle Punisher?
  • Have you tried running Auto cannon honor tackle Punisher?

These variants won’t win you every engagement. However, the AC variant allows you to fit a very tough tank. The Honor tackle variant can often (but not always) help you maintain range control in a fight and takes advantage of the fact that frigate fights are often so short that people who commit won’t realize they could bail. Putting both together gets you the benefits and drawbacks of each.

I disagree, Pulse Tormentor is a pretty nasty beast.

What? This the Punisher you’re talking about? It has so many lows, the bad boy can fit so many nanos for kiting. With a MWD and point it is only lacking a defensive web/scram in a missing third midslot — not a deal breaker. It doesn’t excel as a kite platform but it is certainly usable as one, and can take advantageous matchups.


a long time ago …
in a galaxy far away …
before the nos changes …
before frigate tiercide …
there was the “bleeder punisher” …

I’ve used a dual web beam laser Punisher in the past. You would be surprised how many pilots do not notice they are not pointed.

Why do you think they call it the punisher?
If you are a masochist, this is the ship for you.

Now if you want to have fun
This is the ship for you

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Why would you want to fit a mwd on a Punisher, and how are you controlling your range to your opponent(s), when your mwd runs into a scram?

Not all ships are the same, and you need to rethink, how to fly your ship properly. And please don’t make any ship “balancing suggestions” when you don’t know, what you are talking about.

The Punisher is a very capable 1vs1 boat, when you look very carefully at the other values on your fitting screen.
The slots on the Punisher are exactly like they should be, and not all strategies require you to have a web on any ship because reasons™.

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The goal of an MWD on a Punisher is to not get scrammed. There are a lot of ships in FW space that run AB scram with no MWD, and these are juicy kills.
As mentioned above, the dual web beam punisher is truly horrifying. I do DCU, 400 plate, multispec energized membrane, dual heat sink in the lows and damage and armor duffer rigs.

Yes, the Punisher has little range control, but ir has fantastic tank and good damage. My tankiest Merlin with Blasters still loses to a well-fit AC plate punisher at 0. (web scram dual plate)

As for your idea, I think it’s interesting. The Tormentor already has no utility highs, and the Executioner really has no use for a nos or neut (because it tries to be either at 8km or 18). This makes Amarr ships easy to engage with cap hungry ships. However, the other ships that have utility highs in the T1 frig lineup are the Condor, Atron (but not really because fitting room), Slasher, and Tristan. These are all attack frigates like the Executioner (except the drone boat Tristan, but we can ignore that for now as an outlier). Why should the Punisher get one? It really makes very little sense and only makes the typical blob bait punisher even scarier by giving it a neut. I’d rather not have that change.

Thanks for the idea though!

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