I Hate Punishers

It’s ok in a gang. I’d never solo pvp in one.

I didn’t say they were good I said they were a pain and they get in the way with their ridiculous statistics.

Until his buddies arrive ?

The whining is endless.

No you’re crying you can’t win fights you’re outnumbered in?

Honestly, the kiting would be so casual you can watch a movie or check your alts and occasionally d-scan to see if anyone is coming to crash the party.

Or, here’s an idea, call your own friends.

My punisher alt says hi

edit: Dirt ‘n’ Glitter are recruiting punisher pilots. If you want to be the cause of tasty salt like this thread apply now at localisprimary.com

What’s this little babby’s first rodeo with a punisher fleet? You should have seen system sieges in cal/gal WZ before when both sides were literally throwing away hundreds of merlins and punishers into a novice that extended a 10 minute timer into a 1 hour.

I’d like to second that punishers are ridicoulously OP and truly have no weaknesses. But the real concern here should be how we can buff the Jaguar, which has really been struggling. I’m thinking 50% faster, better resists, and the ability to enter into Novice complexes. This will finally bring it in line with the Kikimora again.

mate you literally multibox 5 characters, but struggle with a punisher who has friends he can call…the calamity of a group of humans coordinating their efforts :open_mouth:
If the punisher did a little more dps and had an extra midslot it might be op (might), as it is though it’s balanced for what it is- a slow moving tanky frig… just because you are bad at fighting them doesn’t make something op, it means you need to learn how to counter them, or focus on one character and get good. jim of all alts, master of none.


When do your Jaguar pilots ever have the balls to go into a complex ? or to get closer than abysmal distance from an enemy target ?

Sure everyone wants to be your alpha alt

4 actually and I only really struggle when you have more than that.


You cant hate them that much, therefore you are simply complaining that you died, so your thoughts on its fitting/ stats etc are irrelevant. :yum:

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Awww, is someone moonlighting in punishers, whilst bitching about punishers?

Also ‘only struggles when outnumbered’, heh. I’m pretty sure you’d be ‘outnumbered’ by one of us. You won’t 1v1 a coercer unless you can bring 3 thrashers and a griffin.

Ha ha you guys do nothing but bait an blob 90% of the time you are logged in and then when you are solo you want me give you 1v1

we never said we want 1v1, cix simply pointed out how hypocritical your original complain actually is.

Plus if you’re literally bumblin’ around our staging during our prime TZ, whaddya expect? Us to rock paper scissors at the plex gate on who gets to get on the killmail on your 4 alts?

Also re: stabs, weren’t you flying a stabbed cloaked brutix the day before yesterday? And here you complain about stabbed punishers, which haven’t really been a thing for a good while.

I’m complaining about the ridiculous compositions that I have to put together to counter that and all the crying your guys will do when peak TZ is over and they still have to fight those same compositions with 1/5 the number of players.

Yes that was a deliberate troll because I knew your whole gang would chase it and probe it like the try hard’s that you are without ever bothering to wonder why a Brutix would bother flying into your home system when you have a full centipede fleet active.

We see, we shoot, like the absolute tryhards we are. We specially enjoy shooting that one guy who makes up 50% of non-farmer minmatar plexing output, and runs around with 6 alts all night trying to run plexes. He’s fun to shoot.