I really have to complain about this.. flashing.. business

(Vaacos) #1

Repeatedily using a weapon on a target when it’s dead, or w/e causes the message box to do flashing animation in the past it would just popback up with no fancy flashing… This flashing is murdering me IRL, it’s pure #cancer… please let us disable it.

(Vaacos) #2

Or stopping my ship over and over it now flashes. .WHY… how was this change so important, that now you have to give me cancer?

(Tychicus Banner) #3

I have heard many other people complain about this, so I agree that there should be a way to disable it.

(Avi Cerae) #4

I have to agree, this is seriously irritating, wtb non-flashing notifications.

(Esser Tel) #5

I can add my vote to this motion!

(Claudia Osyn) #6

it is troublesome.

(yellow parasol) #7

If only this forum had a blink option, we could all reply to devs in blinking text, to be sure they get the message.


(Ramona McCandless) #8

I love it and want more.

(Wheelwright Phien) #9

I like it.

(Nana Skalski) #10

Its overly stimulating to play game like that.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #11

I could probably get over it if it was less flashy and greyed out but it’s flashing red. Red should be reserved for dangerous/negative and what the hell is dangerous in docking to a station?

Hate to complain but -1 to yet another GONG. There’s a ton of UI small, yet usefull features I wish for and that’s certainly not one of them.

(Vaacos) #12

I wish CCP would inquire about small changes with the community before putting them in game. The Neocon losing it’s color was also a major disappointment to me.

(yellow parasol) #13

That was really something. They took correct scientific research, misinterpreted it and applied it to where they shouldn’t.

(Andrew Gernander) #14

Just make sure your trenchcoat buttons are properly secured and it’s usually not a problem…

Oh, the screen prompts… :blush:

Yeah, at first I thought my video card was on the fritz again.

It’s not the flash itself, it’s that the backlight is bright white. Maybe tone it down just a little or have it be colored according to the constellation you’re in or your existing theme. It’s enough then to get your attention, but not ermahgerd scrrn! level of attention.

(Alexander Anaxagoras) #15

+1 please allow toggling if this feature or remove flashing entirely.

I personally don’t hate this change, but I wish CCP would make an effort to float changes like this with the community both to see what is potentially controversial and to seek out new/better ideas.

(Vaacos) #16

Exactly, plus why do we need it to grab our attention anyway? What did 1 dude petition CCP saying he can’t tell when there is a message? lol…

(Andrew Gernander) #17

I’m really hoping that one dude wasn’t a bot programmer looking for an easier way to program his bots.

(Ramona McCandless) #18

So have all the people “being sick” from the warp tunnel gone?

(Persephanie Mae) #19

Ccp your ui is straight garbage.

Let us mod it like every other freaking mmo/ computer game.

With the GREED IS GOOD skins you lost your usual excuse of not allowing customized mod UIs that for years was “GRIMDARK! Cant let customers possibly make a pink UI”

Also any kind of BOT excuse is out the window with your blatant support of botting

(system) #20

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