Flashing Skill Icon

Is there a way to turn the stupid flashing skill icon off? I went to alpha and have max skill points.

Why would CCP do this?
Are they not smart enough to know that flashing anything is annoying?
Did not they learn their lesson with the red dot?

I’m at a complete loss to understand the fuss over this. When I first read complaints of it, I imagined I’d log in and see a massive orange icon looking like HAL from 2001 and distracting my attention all the time.

The reality is, I briefly noticed it…and then carried right on as if nothing had changed. It is barely noticeable.

Barely noticeable? So a large white triangle with a ! that is pulsating is not noticeable?

If I can not turn it off, I would love to be able to remove the skill queue icon from the menu. This is just another example that show that CCP doe snot understand the customers. It also shows how inept CCP has become.

Well, then lucky you that you are can be so oblivious. For me, it was a constant distraction because I have actually important icons in the neocom that flash when important things happen. This is why my eyes glance over all the time tot he neocom and fixate on blinking things. I also notice the blinking out of the corner of my eyes and get distracted by it because my brain thinks it’s something important.

But props to you for having the power of obliviousness to blank such things out. :+1: Regardless of whether some people have that power and others don’t, a continuously flashing icon serves no practical and helpful purpose whatsoever. The blinking is also inconsistent with the behavior of other UI elements of the same type (same type == things that could be used continuously but aren’t, like industry slots, market slots, pi slot). It doesn’t need to blink to convey its function and that it stopped doing that is a sign that someone at CCP at least has regained some level of UI design competence.


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Huh ? I just logged in an account with skills training stopped…and below is what I see. Just a pale red icon…nothing flashing at all. No exclamation mark. The icon for skills in training is just a blue circle.

I’d happily keep the flashing icon if I never had to see another stupid billboard when docked. They are way more distracting.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I solved the issue by putting a piece of black electrical tape on the screen where the icon is.


I thought we weren’t allowed to criticize this, except in the mega-thread.

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