The new perma-blinky orange "no skill in training" icon - REMOVE please

So after the patch I’m now stuck with a huge flashing orange circle on the sidebar on this toon, because my other toon is using the training queue. (Not “your ACCOUNT has no skills in training” which might warrant such an alert, even though you already see who is training what in the character selection screen).

Permanent distracting unremovable flashing icon unless I buy MCT? Really?

The only things I want flashy are items that require immediate attention, such as evemail blinks. pirates on overview, mission updates (all of which I have the option to turn on/off).

Not impressed by this new “feature” aka marketing ploy at all.


Feedback thread… USE IT

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Thanks for your suggestion, I was following advice given in the English Help channel in game. I don’t use forums much.

[edit] Content now posted to feedback thread, and reported this topic for closure.

You get a notification about a general feedback thread. That’s where feedback goes for new patch changes

Closing topic for OP