[I-RED] Silent Auction: Shareholder Opportunity

Current and prospective shareholders,

As has been known to some, 126 shares have opened up within Operation Grey Steel©. Many of you have been recently asking me when these shares will become available. We at Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive are happy to announce that the time is now.

With the knowledge of so many people interested, (including many of our current shareholders), we wished to open up the opportunity to own shares to not just current shareholders as we’ve done in the past, but also publicly to those interested. That said, we will be holding a silent auction on these 126 shares to ensure an equal footing.

How will it work?

Verbal bidding will be done for the opportunity to purchase shares, and not the shares themselves. This means that whomever bids highest on the silent auction by the end of bidding time will be given the first choice in to how many shares they wish to purchase. Beginning from the time of this announcement until 04:00 YC119.12.12 NEST, verbal bids will be accepted starting at 500,000 ISK by Julianni Avala.

Once bids are placed, a mailing list (which will be provided to those who bid) will be updated with the current bid. Because this is a silent auction, no names will be provided as to who the bidders are. Bidders are asked to keep their bids confidential and send exclusively to Julianni Avala. Payment will be secured when the bidding is over.

After the highest bidder has made their choice for share purchases, then the person who next bid highest will get their chance, and so on and so forth until the shares are all purchased.

How much are the shares themselves?

These specific shares are 10,000,000.00 (10 million) ISK a piece, for a total of 1,260,000,000.00 (1.26 billion) ISK.

What if I am the highest bidder and want to purchase all 126 shares?

You can, if you so choose. If you choose not to, remaining shares will be available to the next in line.

What happens to the money I use to bid?

Payment will not be accepted until you are secured a chance to purchase shares. If you are, your bid payment will be accepted and half will be used towards future Operation Grey Steel© projects. The other half will be sent to our Alkeruaku Foundation.

What about the money I pay for the shares?

This is part of the investment opportunity and will, over time, be paid directly back to you at an 8.5% return per month over the period of one year. More information can be sent upon your contacting Julianni Avala with interest of this opportunity.

What if I have more questions?

Legitimate questions (with a civil tone) will be accepted and answers will be provided here or in private depending on the information’s security.

Thank you for your interest.

For Ishukone. For the State.


126 new shares, and how many are there in total then?


A very good question. There are 300 shares. The 126 are not new shares, either. They have been released by the previous shareholder.


Ah, sizable chunk of shares then. Interesting.

Thank you, I’ll consider this carefully.


400 quatloos on the newcomer.

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I say we kick this up a notch…You’ll receive my bid


In the interest of equal footing, perhaps you might want to make public which facility’s shares have become available, for potential new shareholders.

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I can’t give any specifics about the structure itself, as that right belongs to I-RED, however I can confirm that the shares involved in this bid were mine.

I returned my shares to I-RED upon my decision to retire a few months ago. This was not due to any business issues with I-RED, but instead just part of my plans to liquidate all assets to be donated to causes I felt worth supporting, as well as setting up a comfortable pension fund to supplement my income as retainer to my liege Lord and the various occupations I am employed in.

The shares themselves had entered into profitability in July, having had, in total, dividend payments after that month equalling more then the initial share price. Thanks to that I can say that I-RED is as good as their word when it comes to keeping up with its investor payments. I cannot recommend Operation Grey Steel enough to any prospective investor.

I wish I-RED and the winning bidders the best of luck.


Ms. Avala, would I-RED consider corporate bidders?

Also, please could you clarify the dividend policy after the first year?

Thank you.

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For security purposes we have opted to keeping this information limited to the public, however persons with serious interest will be forwarded information upon request in private. Of course this information will always be more readily available to current shareholders in the Grey Steel Investments.

The silent auction is a bit unorthodox and not a model we plan to adapt to new shares that become available, but has been adapted for existing shares due to the quantity of interested parties.


Mister Menkalinan,

I-RED will indeed consider corporate bidders.

I have sent you a mail with more information as to the question of the OGS policy. For those who do wonder, however, the dividend is 5%* after the first year.

*This is the current percentage in place and may be modified as is outlined in the OGS policy. The lowest it can go is 3.5%.


A reminder that there are approximately two days left for this opportunity.

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Interested parties,

For the remaining 24 hours of the bidding process, updates to the highest bids in the mailing list will NOT be done. This is in an effort to avoid bid sniping at the last second, especially when the rest cycles of some pilots are during the cut-off period.

We thank you for your interest.


As of right now, bids will now be completely blind for the next 24 hours. Should your bid win after the auction has ended, you will be notified of your potential to purchase shares.


The silent auction is now closed. We thank everyone for their participation and interest, and will be in contact with those who have had the highest bids to purchase shares.

For Ishukone. For the State.


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