[I-RED] Alkeruaku Foundation

(Julianni Avala) #1

With the release of this new forum for communication, a re-post of the Foundation’s information will be done.

The word Alkeruaku means “beginning” in Napanii, and symbolizes the effort to support new beginnings in the State. This organization was built to suit the needs of upstart and established Caldari capsuleer corporations. The Alkeruaku Foundation offers start-up capital in total anonymity to help them achieve their future goals, no strings attached. No need to pay it back.

Foreign corporations working in the State’s interests do not qualify for the ‘no-payment’ clause, but may utilize 12 and 6 month loan services that the Alkeruaku Foundation offers at a 5% interest rate.

Donations can be made at any time with all funds raised to be used for the foundation’s efforts. For every donation received, Ishukone-Raata will match the amount 100%. Any corporation regardless of affiliation is welcome to donate towards the cause. Minimum donation is 1,000,000 ISK. At a later date, a silent auction will be held to raise funds as has been done in the past. An announcement will be made regarding this when a date is chosen.

As the numbers of capsuleers increases (thanks to the Alpha Clone implementation), so too does the chance for productivity for the State and economy as a whole. With this in mind, I-RED hopes to reach out and help these upstart and established Caldari capsuleer corporations to reach their goals.

Inquiries and applications to donate or receive capital can be directed to both Executor Alex Hinkelmann and myself, the Director of Finances via NEOCOM mail.

All other inquiries may be made here on the IGS, or in any other method of communication that best suits you.

For Ishukone. For the State.

[I-RED] Silent Auction: Shareholder Opportunity
(Julianni Avala) #2
  1. Before it’s asked: No, enemies to I-RED are not able to take advantage of this foundation.

Given the notorious reputation for Capsuleers to default on payments and promises, what steps will this foundation take to protect themselves and their patrons from high risk liabilties?

Our solution to this is to have a process in place that “vets” these applicants in such a way that we can determine their trustworthiness. Methods will include looking extensively into financial histories, as well as slowly building these applicants’ credit with us.

For example, a new applicant of these loans that has little to no financial history would not be given a large some of funds. Over time, so long as they prove their sincerity with repayment, they would be able to apply for a loan of a higher amount. Loans of a higher amount would not be able to be applied for unless the previous loan is paid off.

Is there an audit service of the Foundation’s books available to donors to provide assurances that a)their donations have been matched, and b)funds are being distributed as described, and not simply pocketed?

If so, how can donors verify payouts are being made to eligible capsuleer organizations while according those organizations the ‘total anonymity’ advertised?

Donors may request an access key to view the foundation account, and they will be able to see when withdrawals are made. Any withdrawals from this account are strictly for the purposes of the foundation, and nothing more. If there is reason to believe that a serious discrepancy has occurred with the foundation, an external audit firm will be called on.

Total anonymity will be still be kept. When funds are distributed, they will be done so to a trusted third party, who will then send the funds to the organization.

(Charles Cambridge Schmidt) #3

It cracks me up this even needs to be said. Capsuleers are the worst sometimes, aren’t they?

(Rossanjiin Eskeitan) #4

Hey there sunshine! I recently came into some…inheritance. You wouldn’t mind if I donated, would you?

(Alex Hinkelmann) #5

Mr. Eskeitan, we thank you for your interest in donating to the Alkeruaku Foundation. If this is a legitimate interest please mail me, however please know we reserve the right to deny donations in certain situations.

Have a pleasant day.

(Julianni Avala) #6

A reminder that this initiative is still able to be taken advantage of by applicable parties!

(Maria Daphiti) #7

I’ll mention this to some new pilots I know!