I Saw A Thing Today

It was kinda cool.

This is 3:19 in the afternoon:

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Amazing experience :sunglasses:

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We are doomed. :scream:

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I’ve seen, in my life, deep 80% partial solar eclipses and once a full totality.

Partial is neat, interesting, glad I’ve seen it.

Totality is different.
The sun dies, the world stops and all goes quiet.
The end of times. Cold.
The faintest sliver of sun returns and the light grows.
The world restarts with a feeling of relief and rebirth.
That is an experience you remember.


Good description.

I also recall during a full eclipse I’ve personally witnessed that insects tended to come out of the surrounding grass and fly all over during the darkness then it was an odd sight seeing so many around in the air when it became bright again, though they went to hiding soon after.

It really felt like an otherworldly experience.


All the people on the beach with us went silent as totality started and then broke into cheers as the sun returned.

Pretty primal.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I saw the 1999 Eclipse from the Olympic Park in Munich (better chance of good weather than in the UK and I needed a holiday!). Primal is the right word.
Also, all the birds stop flying and all the birdsong stops.

Slightly less weird: quite a lot of the streetlights turned themselves on…

And, yes, there were cheers and applause when the sun returned.

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