I still feel like the "stare at dscan for 45 minutes" meta game doesn't respect my time

… and those people will die. Who cares about them. The suggestion is to update it for the people who use it, so you don’t have to press the hotkey 50,000 times during your play session.

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Please do not get me wrong. I do get your point. I wish for it myself when there’s a combat overload. But I still will take pride that I can actually pull it off.

It means less now so I “will change my mind”. Remember that thd? That was a good discussion simply because you had to be a bitter old vet in the 1st place to even be qualified to answer.


Which will generate huge amounts of extra server calls and thus increase lag, especially when tidi is kicking in.

This sort of update would probably push Jita into permanent tidi and that system is on its own server node.

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Which is why I suggested the check box / limited automation button that would automate dscan for 30-60 minutes.

I don’t think it would be as big of an issue as you’re making out. Functionally, it’s more or less just extending the range of the overview. But if it is somehow a problem for CCP, there are ways to make it not kill the server, and also be more useable for people who use it.

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The more threads i rea in this forum, the more i am coming to the conclusion, people do not really want to play the game. They want it as easy and simple as possible to … yeah do what?

I mean, D-Scan is just a way to tell what is around you. And you have to check that yourself.
I guess people that complain about this are also the ones that use autopilot and mine afk.

If you do not wish to be doing anything in this game, then why play it?

It is all that little stuff that sums up to the experience.

What comes next?
Completely fitted ships, because it is tedious to fit them yourself?
Then maybe a market-system that has set prices? So nobody can underbid you?
Also great would be, if my ship would automatically fly in a way, that lets it not be hit but deal damage.
And maybe even not having to undock to get rewards.
Something like randomized killmails that get added onto your character.

The more i think about it, the more ideas are coming to my mind.

CCP you need to make things easier, really!


I know you’re being sarcastic, but the game you just described is basically a utopia. Like the first MMO in 15 years that doesn’t waste the players’ time.

is it really wasting your time, because nothing happens at the moment and place in game you are at?

maybe they should implement a button that just teleports you to a place, with a description of what is happening there.

Like you know, a menu with things to join. Here is a fight with that many people in those ships, do you want to be teleported there?

Only if those people fill out consent forms to allow my request for unscheduled third-party participation in their spaceship PvP duel.


Sooo, basically filaments?

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no, more like a menu where you just pick the level you want to play. like, who wants to fly around for hours without content? just make it a level-based game

See @Ax_l_Thorne there are forms that need to be filled in.

Sounds like you should be sent to a server where you’re forced to pedal the power to keep your computer online. Maybe you should have to tap a 6 digit keycode to the tune of the Monty Python theme every time you want to undock as well.


nah, now you are exaggerating :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


rest assured, once Dscan is automated, they will use the same background alert-tools like nullsec is using for reading out locals. So they can mine or ishtarrat for all etnernity even in WHs and as soon as anything shows up on the autmated Dscan, the warp is initiated. Also automatically, who will prove it wasn’t the player? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am pro-auto d-scan option among other things and it seems like the concept is gaining critical support. It might be worth getting the CSM involved to try and get CCPs best people on it.

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Good luck with that.
I’m against it as you’re well aware.
And I will abuse the absolute hell out of it if it’s introduced.

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Call the police, hes going to abuse d-scan


What? You don’t want to tap a 6 digit keycode every time you want to leave station? Sounds like you just don’t want to “play the game.” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s far easier to automate dscan than it is to create a bot that will automatically initiate warp. Years ago, there was a play style in Warframe where people were using autohotkey to cheese the game play of certain maps. The team would just sit in a single spot and run their single line scripts and go do something else for an hour.

In other words, if someone is willing to bot, auto dscan will do nothing that isn’t already easily done with readily available 3rd party software.

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Why is this thread still hijacked by the „I don’t wanna push the D Scan button“ crowd.

Ok, let’s have it be automatic. Whatever. None of it addresses OPs concern that watching the D Scan window is boring (regardless whether they’re mashing V / spacebar or it is auto-triggering).


The directional scanner is a privacy abuse tool. Therefore, I have to label it as a griefing mechanism, since it can be used to breach someone’s personal space without their express consent. As such it should be fully removed from the game, but in light of EVE’s role-playing elements, it should at least be subjected to the same rules governing aggression (e.g. using it in high-sec space should result in a criminal flag).

It’s time to stand up for our rights!