I still got 15 $

This is a public question for CCP: “What does it offer for my $ 15?”
QoL or HTFU ???

P.S. I am not asking ISDs or other players.

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I still have $20 for CCP to ignore your ideas. :slight_smile:

Oh my fcking god

Why are you posting in the GENERAL section then, dum-dumb ?
If you don’t want the vast majority of people seeing/answering this, don’t post it on a public section. That’s why someone very intelligent create the “private messages” (often said PM).

Do you see how they could help you ? Because they are private.

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By posting here you ARE asking other players.

Even if you pay the $15, you’re gonna need to HTFU. I can just tell…

A lifetime subscription to Habbo Hotel

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Because they’re intentionally being disruptive. That’s ultimately all they want to be and attempt to do. They aren’t going to provide any sort of constructive criticism, they aren’t going to follow the overly-lax forum rules, all they are going to do is keep the moderation team busy until they decide they’ve had enough.

And then continue with more alts because they can. They’re just going to try and be as disruptive as possible, and if they can rile anyone that uses the forums then all the better.


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