I trained tech ii

just now I started to train small pulse laser specialisation, so I can put some tech ii stuff on my ship. tech ii stuff are very expensive compared to the modules I use now, so I want to know if putting some tech ii lasers on my ratting executioner is worth it, or should I use it for special occasions only. Because I get about 12% more DPS(I think its a lot) compare to my current t1 fit, but at more than double the cost. thanks.

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pulse lasers are good
wise choice


Okay, T2 guns not only do more damage than T1 and Meta guns with the same types of ammo, but they can also use T2 ammo. Pay attention to T2 ammo stats, because they can have worse cap or tracking than T1 ammos of similar range, but they usually do more damage. For example, Conflagration should be doing something like 60% more damage than regular Multifrequency, and 29% more than Imperial Navy Multifrequency in an Executioner with T2 guns. And Scorch does 57% more damage than Infrared S, and 36% more damage than IN Infrared S. And, of course, this damage difference gets even bigger when comparing T2 ammo in T2 guns with T1 ammo in T1 and Meta Level guns.

Anyway, T2 ammo penalties keep T2 ammos from being the best choice in all situations, but in the right situations, they are freaking amazing. For pulses, you’ll generally want to carry around Imperial Navy Multifrequency, Conflagration, and Scorch. Multifreq is your close range ammo against smaller and faster ships that you might have trouble tracking. Conflagration is used against larger and slower ships that you should have no problem tracking. And Scorch is used when you want to keep your distance (i.e. to stay outside of neut/web range).


T2 does sound amazing, but after I checked the price, there is no way I can replace all the stuff I loose. I simulate fitted a mediocre executioner and it already costs 6M, considering each day I went to ratting only earns me 3-5M. so I guess I will use T2 after I can run L3 and L4 missions.

OMG dude, my heart goes out to you.

Here, check out this guide on using punishers in T1 Abyssal sites. IIRC, he has oversold the isk efficiency, but you should still do much better than you are doing now.

T2 ammo can mostly be broken down into a few types: 2 types that enhance their corresponding weapon’s primary advantage (i.e. longer range ammo for rails / higher damage ammo for blasters), and 2 types that lets their corresponding weapons pretend to be their opposites (i.e. shorter range high damage ammo for rails, longer range low damage for blasters).

“day one alpha”
< nearly 15M fit
< tech II reps
< tech II rigs
< :thinking: :thinking:

yes I watched that vid and my confusion is 100%, but still, I did learn something from the vid so I consider it good. but t2 ammo does reduce tracking, so it doesn’t really fit my usual style of getting really close and brawl.

It’s a good way for newer alpha pilots to make money, I’m just worried a new alpha pilot can’t afford to lose that fit if he dies (and chances are he’s going to die if he has no idea how to manage cap and modules).

Some T2 ammo does reduce tracking, but not all do. T2 ammo is very situational in a sense. Normally you’d use either T1 or faction ammo, only switching to T2 when certain conditions are met (as explained in a comment above me).

Yeah, I think he intentionally mislabled his video for views. But I was trying to find something current (i.e. post surgical strike) that would help beef up op’s isk efficiency.

so t1 is more like universal, and can work on all cases, but t2 is for specialised cases only. well since I’m not rich and can’t afford to lose an expensive ship(like that 15M punisher), guess I am going to stick to t1 for now.

But I think tech 2 is very important in PVP? because you always want your ship to be the best possible right? anyways I probably don’t need it because I sucks at PVP and every time I try to fight another player I die(except the time I challenge my friend to a friendly duel).

the only times I can imagine myself using t2 is maybe at fleets or events where I can follow experienced pros.

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