T2 Ammo from Long Range Weapons need some love (Gleam, Javelin and Quake)

As the title says, currently there is no real benefit in using these ammos over faction ammo.

They reduce optimal range by 75% and give a 25% tracking bonus, while having about the same dps as the best empire faction ammo (imp multifreq, CN antimatter and rep fleet emp). So there’s not a huge advantage in using for example gleam ofer Imp multifrequency. Lets say you are in a maller with beams and you fight a stabber with AC’s. If the stabber with AC’s manages to get under the guns of the maller, the maller can’t hit it really even with gleam. Heavy beam laser with gleam has about the same range as heavy pulse lasers with conflag, but with about 50% less tracking.
From the Maller’s point of view, it does not make a huge difference if it uses gleam or imperial navy multifrequency. And in situations where you use long range weapons, you want to avoid anyways that brawling stuff gets into range, where gleam or javelin is effective, because you still going to have issues to hit it.

My suggestion:

Increase damage from Gleam, Javelin and Quake by 26.5%, so that they have the same total damage as conflag, void and hail. Maybe it could be considered to remove the tracking bonus in exchange.

This could potentially open up some new metas, especially on smaller ships like frigs/destroyers, thinking of scramkiting frigs like the incursus or merlin with rail.

let me know what you think

So you want to outtrack yourself when you kite… and your example Maller will have even more issues with that exmple Stabber. Sounds very smart.

There are numerous advantages with T2 long range close combat ammo: cheaper than faction, more DPS, more tracking, for instance.

Open the simulator, simulate any fit with beam lasers, and compare gleam with imperial navy multifrequency, you will notice that dps is about the same. The price difference between faction and T2 ammo is not that huge.

what makes them so bad in comparison is imho the huge range penalty, even compared to the most close-range faction ammo. damage is okay’ish and the tracking bonus is not that bad.

I’d say:

  • increase damage by 10%
  • keep tracking bonus of 25%
  • reduce range penalty by 10% (from -75% to -65%, faction shortrange has -50%)

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