I Want Drugs

Why are there a series of drugs for ship blowy up stuff, that can be manufactured ie a semi permanent boost but nothing for mining? Sure i can get the Halcyon series once every few months that last for a couple of hours, or the AIR boosting range again once every few months but people who want to shoot stuff can get a variety of drugs.

WHY cant i live my fantasy of a drug fueled mining frenzy? WHY can’t i have a variety of coloured things to take, snort or inject. This is completely unreasonable. I as a miner should have the option to take Drugs and lots of them.


Boosters Kill Brain Cells…

I’m belt mining, not sure how many brain cells I need.


I’ve thought of a way to sort this out. On the daily rewards thing, when it come time to choose a booster which will sit in my unclaimed items until they time out, what if there was a selection, a variety you could say. 1. A random mining boost 2. a ship shooty boost and maybe 3. some other boost maybe scanning/data/relic thing

That’s being removed, also why do you want a booster for mining if you don’t use the ones you already get?