I want to be a goon

Who recruits for goons…
I play 2-4 hours per day and would like to kills npc’s and salvage, maybe some mining.

please convo me in game

No one wants to be a Goon. Goons don’t even want to be Goons…

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okay, that said, I would like a place in null sec to fight npc’s and make some decent isk, i have almost no pvp skills and basically keep leaving the game because I am broke and can’t buy decent stuff.

Cinderella story = me making enough isk to buy the plex for a monthly subscription and enough left over to by a Titan… well maybe not the titan, but at least a VNI which is like a titan only smaller…and cheaper…and I can fly one now…

So help me out guys.

Use the Corp finder tool. There are several Goon corps recruiting atm.
Lots of good Isk making going on in Delve.

Contact karmafleet they are the no-scams wing of goons. Can take a few weeks though due to the popularity and the workload on the recruitment team.

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