I want to change my e-mail and password for SISI, what should I do?

It seems the forget password page for SISI is down, which is https://secure-singularity.testeveonline.com/

Sisi and tq should relatively have the same password, since sisi mirrors tq.

So changing your tq password will change sisi’s upon the next mirror in november/december

Singularity does not have any support pages; the URLs are deliberately broken.

The only time account data on Sisi is updated is when it is mirrored from Tranquility. The last mirror was in August, so we can generally expect the next to be in November or December. Until then, the settings in place on your TQ account as of the August mirror are what are necessary to access Sisi - so of you do not have access to that email address, you are out of luck for now.

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