Unable to Reset Password on Singularity

I’m trying to login to the Singularity test server, but my password isn’t working. I tried to click the “Forgot/Reset Password” link, but the website doesn’t load, times out.

You need to use your old tq password

Old password doesn’t appear to be working. Either way, I don’t have it.

Looks like a new mirror is in a few weeks

Do what?

I changed the password on my main Eve account over a month ago.

Youll need to use your old password on the test server. When the mirror is done, it will be updated with your current TQ password.

The last mirror was over 5 months ago. Whatever password you had when the mirror was done, is the password you’ll have to use, regardless how many times you changed it on TQ, SiSi password didnt change when you changed TQ

Like I said, I don’t have that password anymore. Sounds like I’m locked out until there is another sync sometime between now and 2035.


Doesn’t seem like a good system that they have to sync virtually all (probably a very big lift) or sync nothing. Oh well.

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