I Want To Know If Planets Are Inhabited

I don’t need to know who is on the planet, I just want to know if there’s nobody on the planet. Currently, the best strategy is to use the scanner, drawing as broad of a scan as possible, and then finding the dots against a background of white. If the idea was privacy, it failed utterly, since people would know the exact location and setup of players’ bases.

The idea would be simple. You already store where everything is. Just have a function where, if the number of bases is greater than zero, have a little notification on the planetary interface saying that the planet is uninhabited. I personally would greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure there are many others who would also appreciate it.

Thank you for your time.

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Why? If it’s in hisec, assume it’s infested. Lowsec? Assume it’s got at least a handful of people. Nullsec? Assume it’s infested.


Why do we need this?

I have seen uninhabited HiSec planets. They do exist.

Honestly, I want it for roleplay purposes, but you could also figure out if a region of space is relatively safe instead of, you know, accidentally wandering into another corp’s turf.

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