I wanted to build an industrial empire.... but

I see this message every day:

I want to log out, because I cannot buy stuff for my production, nor can I sell my stuff.
It’s so frustrating and I’d really see some more skills to increase market orders. Or have I won eve at this point? <_<

Of course you can create trading alts… but I don’t want to create an alt.
And I see no reason why I should train an alt for a month to get +100 orders when I could train my main for a month to get +100 orders.
Do you feel the same way or is it just me?

305 orders is nothing. I supply Drones and Drone products like rigs to Rens and Hek mainly but to some other smaller Tradehubs as well.
For the 40 support drones that’s 80 orders per station (because you wanna make sure to set up a buy below production as well, else you will get out-traded as a producer)
+64 Drone Rig Sell Orders per Station
+not even talking about the 32+ combat and sentry drones here and the Drone Nav Computers and stuff.
+around 30 different materials to buy all the time.

so In total I would need approxemately ~230 orders per Tradehub to just sell Drones and Drone Product. Means I won’t even be able to supply two Tradehubs with Drones :frowning: And I dreamed about expanding my business to Dodixi… :frowning: :cry:

I remember when I was a young industrialist, I listened to an Eve university lecture from a old industry vet who said that he tried to maximize the isk efficiency of each of his industry slots. I was like, “that’s a good idea. I should do the same.” So, I set about to looking for items that offered the biggest profit per minute of build time. I ended up building a bunch of random crap, like various t1 EWAR and ECCM mods (this was before they were tieracided). I put them up on the market, and… watched none of it sell.

That’s when I discovered sale volume, and realized that it’s not just about getting the most out of my industry slots, but also my trade and research slots. I have to balance all three in order to maximize my profits.

Now, I do remember thinking it was kind of absurd that I would need to train a bunch of trade skills to make more orders, as you can create as many orders in real life as you like, and I kicked myself for remapping to intelligence and memory before training them. But, this certainly made the problem more interesting. You can’t just spam a quadrillion orders in a hundred stations across HS. You actually have to think about what you buy and sell, where you’re going to do it, and how much you’re going to charge in order to get the most out of all 3 slot types. Moreover, the fact that this isn’t a simple problem means that (1) there is no one right answer that everyone should just copy, and (2) that those who do come up with good answers will get an advantage over the lazy and/or dumb.

Now, I know that many will respond by just training more alts (and at a certain point, slots stop being a problem, and the bottleneck becomes your time). However, even if you are anti-alt, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a successful industrialist (and if you doubt this, I can provide supporting arguments).

So, if I was in your shoes, I wouldn’t be wondering if I should win Eve -I would be asking myself, what market orders are the least beneficial to me, so that I could free up slots for items that will increase my overall profits.

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer the best I can. And, if you’d rather argue, I suppose I can help with that too.


@Shipwreck_Jones gives good advice. It’s about end to end throughput and turnover. It appears that the OP has a bottleneck in their operation.

There is nothing wrong about playing on one character - that’s how I operate. I don’t parallel out, but accept a single character’s limit. It does provide a more engaging, RPG was of treating Eve - and Eve is about the fun not the ruthless accumulation of ISK - which based on the monthly economic report just tends to sit in accounts.

So @komi, it’s a case of pruning the orders - not everything is going to be fulfilled quickly, some buy orders are long term, some items will take forever to complete massive sell orders. Fix the bottleneck in your business.
It feels as if you are trying to chase turnover at the same time as high profit on individual items. That is not generally going to happen. There are some items that for short periods do that - but they are rare and stop almost as soon as they are in spotted by more than one player and everyone piles on. Farm poultry, don’t chase black swans.
I dribble feed the market - small orders that complete reasonably quickly. There are good reasons for this approach as well as downsides. You can work both out if you’ve any understanding of economics: and economics is more than just “I do maths with currency”.

You want to run a business empire in Eve - not an “industrial empire”. You really mean “a Business Empire based on Industry”. That involves understanding the end to end business you are operating rather than just doing lots of industrial stuff.

I want to help but I’m deliberately avoiding specific for two reasons. Firstly, the fun and reward is on working the problems through rather than just following an answer - I’m not going to take that from you. And secondly and bluntly, I ain’t giving freebies to a potential competitor. Sorry.


Hit the limit too. Made a new corporation to expand. But ended up with making Smart choices.

And a lot of spreadsheets to go with them.

You can create more alt’s for more slot’s but each slot is real life time dedicated to it, so I kind of like the other comment’s more.

I think in the last eve event there was a marketing pres which was actually pretty good not sure if you have seen it.

No did not see it, could you summarize please? :slight_smile:

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