I would like some feedback for my work

This is a full size screenshot of the tool I am currently making. It is written in Python Flask and when you launch it, you basically just have an icon in the systray. Clicking it opens your browser with this site.

For the more technical inclined: It runs in a wsgi server, called cheroot, which is also a dependency of gevent, with 3 threads. Frontend, a Backend that updates data from ESI and a worker thread that makes the backend get new data once in a while. The footprint is quite small, the frontend rendered at the moment with 3 database queries and 0 Javascript.

Let me know what you think about this. And yes, this is live data, except for X signs and weird names.


Just added the skill queue as calendar. Just a first concept, but I think it comes out quite nicely.


Well, I like the design. Looks nice and clean, and it’s dark enough that I don’t feel like my eyes are being assaulted by a blinding white screen (I keep my mancave rather dark).


Thanks, that is high praise. I am working on it since 2 weeks and I hope to deliver a first version soon.


Cool. I’ll definitely check it out.


Implemented character selection today for all those people with dozens of accounts.


You know what, I have some suggestions. I have enough toons and accounts that I have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of them all (i.e. when is Omega status or MPTC’s running out). I don’t know how hard it would be implement any of this stuff, but it would be nice.

  1. Pyfa used to tell you when your omega status ended, but I haven’t seen that info since the API to ESI switch (idk, maybe I have something set up wrong). Regardless, I know I would appreciate the ability to easily check in on my account status.

  2. I don’t mean to be insulting with this one, but I’ll periodically use a program that doesn’t give me the ability to easily rearrange the order of things (I’m racking my brain trying to think of an example, but I guess I can’t because I usually don’t stick with those programs long). Regardless, the ability to easily rearrange toons would be nice. I’d like to be able to put them in the order I like, and easily change that as my activities/plans change.

  3. Okay, I’d understand if you didn’t implement this stuff (I don’t even know if it’s possible), because it would probably see a lot less use from the community. On the other hand, it might also help distinguish your program from others.

    • Anyway, I’m a big fan of Killing Spree (I have multiple high SP toons that have been remapped, so that unallocated SP is extremely valuable to me), and I use a spreadsheet to help me track my progress as I work through all the toons. So, it would be cool if there was the option to show some sort of indication on the character select screen on whether skilling spree had been completed or not for each toon.
    • And finally, I keep one toon boosted year round with cerebral accelerators, will boost several more when I’m actively PvE’ing and have the income to do so, and will boost everyone but the alphas during events that drop cerebral accelerators (the recruiter accelerators are expensive, while event accelerators tend to be cheap). Currently I have to manually set an alarm or two so that I know when I need to login and pop the next accelerator. So, it would be really cool if I could set automatic alarms through your program (i.e. give me the option to set the alarm to go off x minutes before the accelerator expires). Also, (this is something that the window’s alarm doesn’t do) if my computer is off when the alarm went was supposed to go off, have the alarm go off after I login.

Anyway, I don’t know why you’ve gotten so little attention. You seem to be moving at a quick pace, and you’re actively asking for feedback. I can’t believe I’m the only one with a wish list.

I’ll link this thread a few places. Maybe it will get a few more people interested.


Wow, good feedback, thanks. Right now I can move fast, because I am in between jobs :smiley:. In 2 weeks the world is different and I have to slow down.

Omega status must be somehow possible, because EveMon does show it correctly. I don’t know yet how.

Arranging the toons should be possible as well, I have already something in mind with drag and drop, I’ll revisit the front page when I do the skill planner, at the very least I can do an order in the database that can be set up in the settings menu. So it is definitely not a big deal. Adding an option to show unallocated SP on the avatar shouldn’t be too much trouble either.

Right now I am rewriting all API requests, so they are more robust and reuse the Etag, so CCP does not have to buy new servers on my account :nerd_face:.


Hey bro, I posted about this thread in couple of places, and a few third party devs gave their two cents why you weren’t getting a lot of feedback.

This was straight from one of them.

  1. Forum topic title doesn’t say anything 'bout the app itself.
  2. Starting post contains a lot of tech details but doesn’t say a word about what really this app does. Thing is that no dev would give a feedback based on it because it is hard to tell if the things are done right not knowing what was the actual goal.

Another also suggested posting in the Eve tech redit

Hopefully that helps.


Maybe interesting for you: From what I have read, is that the endpoint where you can query the Omega Status is deprecated since 2016 and shouldn’t be queried, because it is unreliable. It is also in the old XML CREST format. So as long as CCP is not pulling it over to ESI, there is little chance for a reliable function. That is probably why EveMon has the “Force Omega/Alpha” Option. But it is still some time before I can release, so I am going to worry about it later.

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As shipwreck mentioned, what is the point of this app? I see technical jargon, but idk what this is.

I didn’t want to say I am making a new EveMon until I can say it can compete with it. Sorry for that. It is basically a new EveMon, or at least supposed to be. The key difference is, that it runs in a browser. It can either be put on your own web server supporting Python (preferably a Pi or something at home) or it can run on your own computer with a light-weight web server in the background. You can then use it in your browser and if you activate a setting, basically in your whole network on any device. That is the idea at least.

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Your apps looks very promising.

Are you planning to put it on github? Would recommend it, so people can see for themselves that your app does not secretly leak personal data etc. Some people might also volunteer to help maintain your app and work on features.

Thanks for the praise.

Yes, the source header already says GPL V2. :slight_smile: I just want to work out clean fundamentals, before I put it there.

I have spent the last week basically re-making it from scratch, using SQLAlchemy and other things to make it more robust, which is why I have to rewrite all database queries and commits. The HTTP requests are also a lot more stable now. This is a bit of a setback in progress, but it was very worth it.

But anyway, here is a small teaser site with links to the (upcoming) Github: https://pyvemon.tuxstash.de/

I am not sure at what point I want to release, but probably when the skill planner works reliably. So at least people can do that. Then continue with the rest on a rolling release.

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Thanks for teaser link! I am looking forward to the first release.

Btw. I am part of the development team for Alliance Auth - a Django based website for managing alliance apps and services used by many organizations in Eve. We are always looking for Python developers to help us with our open source project. So, if you are interested to dabble in Django let me know. We also have a Discord.

Finally got the skill queue calendar down. Was a bit of a monster, but it is done.
This is now dynamic api data.


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