-ICE C2 WH corp looking for a few pilots

Ice of Old Night is looking for a few more folks to add to our group. We enjoy C2 wormhole space and we take advantage of all that it has to offer. Here are some fun facts about us:

*HS static for all your logistics needs!
*Sweet citadel living in comfort.
*We have a couple Indy nerds and wouldn’t mind a couple more.
*C3 static for PVP content and making a little isk on the side.
*SRP for Corp fleet ops
*TS3 for comms
*Discord for ops and chatting and smack talking
*We have a salty vet. It’s mandatory right? ( He’s a good bro most of the time! Haha)
*We run PVP fleets, Mining OPS and PVE fleets as WH space provides the content to us.

We have a fairly well established infrastructure and are relaxed with what we expect from our folks. We’re looking for good people that like to play EvE. If you’re not so skilled that’s ok. If you’re a solo hunter guy that’s looking for backup now and then that’s kool too. Maybe you’re the Indy nerd that likes to crunch out spreadsheets and build stuff but wouldn’t mind melting a few faces now and then? We would love to talk to you.

Jump in our pub channel (-Ice Pub) or shoot a message in game to Erokk Slu’ef or Thorstein Odinson and we can chat. Jump in our comms and see who we are, ask questions, maybe come shoot some stuff with us or crunch on a rock if that’s your thing.

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