Ice Harvester II - Displaying Incorrect Model

When showing information on Ice Harvester II, and displaying the model, it appears as a red variant to the Ice Harvester I’s blue model. However on the ship when equipped Ice Harvester II does not show up as a red model but instead as a blue model, thus producing the wrong model being displayed when using Ice Harvester II.

All Turrets and Launchers take on the color of the ship you currently are piloting

the T3 cruisers are the same way… Their picture, and actual ship are two different models.

Wish it wasn’t would be easier to see which targets to gank for more isk.

Same as turrets and launchers, the info panel and the preview display show 2 different models.
never understood why.

to me, a kills a kill, youll never know until you get the killboard, thats the fun lol

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You used to be able to zoom in on a ship and see what they were using, with that 30 second gate cloak. Or in various other methods. I’m not sure how vital that is today, but I’d like to have different colored models back.

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