Iceland going Fireland

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Oh, it’s live!

That’s a lot of smoke!.

It’s also good to smelt metal, free furnace for everybody.
Bring your own hot-dogs and a very long pole.

It is quite pretty, also doesnt look very dangerous. I think they will be fine.

The Mothball Fleet

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It’s pretty at night, but I am missing some sense of scale… how tall is the mountain? How long are the lava rivers? How large is the are shown in the camera frame? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Edit: apparently the volcano is/was some 385 meters high, so the camera covers some 2-3 km wide of landscape.

I was about to suggest to go back in the stream because early on there were some people standing in front of the lava flow’s edge and they where just ants from this distance, but the Stream doesn’t go far enough back anymore. :frowning: In the thumbnail you still see a few people (the 2 black specks left and right of the red lava outflow) just right of the center where red lava breaks out from the cooled down lava.

We all know what happened the last time, cooler weather, and disrupted flights.

if the energy that exists from those Volcanoes is greater than the focused energy of the free standing rockets which goes into orbit,
it is safe to say that many of the energies from Earth does indeed interact with systems in outer orbit from the same Earth.

Keilir í beinni.

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The picture I saw with dozens of tourists looked less scary :slight_smile:

Keilir í beinni.Keilir í beinni

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Iceland volcano: Drone footage captures stunning up-close view of eruption

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Movie from inside volcano recorded by drone.

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Another perspective on the inner world of the volcano. That’s where heroes have to go to save the planet.

Not the only volcano currently in eruption. I don’t see why this one should particularly attract my attention.

Location, location, location…

I don’t think the Yellowstone supervolcano is going to care about location when it goes off and it’s not the first time Iceland has had an erupting volcano.
Location because CCP is based in Iceland? Aren’t their operations out of London though?

According to Rattati almost all of their devs are in Iceland.

I hope they’ll be okay. Thanks for the info, Zhalyd.

Don’t walk on fresh lava crust (Geldingadal volcano, 2021)

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Filmed by Aníta Ólöf Jónsdóttir

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