This Looks Like the End

I just saw on the BBC there is a volcano erupting on the Reykjanes peninsula. I assume CCP will be evacuating all their paid employees to safety while the unpaid interns keep those servers running until the last intern falls.

It was a good run, I guess we will just have to find something else to do when the servers melt.



You realize the servers are located in the UK right? :thinking:


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Did they move the corporate HQ there too? Wow! If so, that was a fast evacuation.

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Everything will be fine. When enough magma will have spewed out of the fissures, things will settle and the eruptions will subside, the volcanoes will calm down until some time in the future.

The volcano that worries me is actually in Italy near Mount Vesuvius, Campi Flagrei

When that one blows, it’s going to be disastrous for the whole of Europe.

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Seems pretty well behaved so far.

Yes, that would be years of winter and failing crops across the entire planet, not to mention higher incidence of diseases related to the toxic fumes in the atmosphere (as with the Krakatoa event).
However, this looks like a reliable piece of information, unlike the multitude of alarmist - if not apocalyptic - click bait videos you can find on the subject.
If you ever get the opportunity to visit the Campi Flegrei (near Pozzuoli), it’s a spectacular place, unlike nearby - and very dormant - Vesuvius, lol, but I would wait until the activity is at a low.

I think I have enough of Italy for a few years after my trip to Bologna, Firenze and San Gimignano in 2018. I regret not having taken the time to visit Rome but I can see and touch ancient stones not 3 hours away from where I live.

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One can never have enough of Italy :two_hearts:


They weren’t so nice in Bologna. I didn’t feel welcome.
The rest of my trip after that was much better.

Actually I do have a nephew living in Wyoming on the super volcano. But I think it will behave itself as I think the volcano has a long term contract with the tourism bureau in the area.

I do wish the people of GrindavĂ­k well. The small town was evacuated, but 3 people chose to stay behind. To anyone in that small town, when you return, you now know who has the gold bars buried in their backyard. Because that would be the only way I would remain there putting myself in jeopardy.

Well, I’ve got customers lfying in Iceland this next july. So you icelanders, you have a couple months to put the Keflavik airport out of harm’s way. Go sacrifice some virgin maids or whatever you use to do in cases like this. :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Now, in a more serious tone, there is this thing that the Hekla volcano uses to erupt on the next decade after the eruptions of that-volcano-with-the-impossible-name which TARFU’ed flights all over Europe in 2010. And Hekla is not a kind of volcano you want to have erupting anywhere closer than a hundred kilometers, because that mountain is as mean as volcanoes go and seriously reshapes the landscape each time it erupts.

I think the servers were moved to the UK.

It ain’t over 'til the fat lady sings.