I'd rather have had more regions of space than an audio ding and a red dot

More regions of space just means more bots renting entire constellations under the protection of whoever the nearest landlord is. No thank you .

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Meh, regions are mostly the same.
New landmarks would be good for exploration.


There are so many systems/regions already. I don’t get why eavery single bloody one has to have a sodding nebula being annoying but hey ho. Maybe if you went to every system and killed every rat and… well you get the point.

And yes, more landmarks etc would be cool. But definitely many fewer bloody nebulae. And less glare.


It wasn’t one or the other…

By landmarks, what do you mean?

And yes, less glare overall.

The last thing we need is more systems or regions.

Instead of Warp Disruption Bubbles, I would like a large quantity of cheesecake with some sort of chocolate component, perhaps in the crust, and a long, slow [expetive deleted].

Thank you for sharing.

Am I the only one confused about the mental leap from not wanting something, to wanting something completely unrelated?



they should open up Jove space, with resources/drops that are found only there. And lock out the ability to anchor a structure anywhere in the region.

Big chunk of NPC Null with the same structure rules as Thera >:]

I reckon that’d bring the boys to the yard - and foster some insane battles over territory in the North surrounding the region.

Wrong. It is a well known fact that the boys are brought to the yard by my milkshake. You’re only bitter cos when they arrive they’re like “it’s better than yours” and I’m like, “damn right it’s better than yours!”
Additionally, further to your request for me to teach you, I have already informed you that while this is indeed possible I would have to charge you. As I am still to receive the 10bil isk, you shall remain in possession of an inferior milkshake.

fine, I’ll open my own Dairy Queen. With blackjack, and hookers.


Kind of funny, but I can see having non-wormhole areas of space with different effects.

The folks that complain about more regions leading to it being harder to find people to shoot at don’t seem to understand that players simply not coming to EVE also has that same effect.

So if players remain in EVE because they have more places to go, at least CCP is getting subscription dollars, even if the ‘pvp elite’ player is still having to hunt people down more than he’d like.

You really believe players do not come to EvE because there are not enough regions? ■■■■ off!

I want end systems and an off switch on the gate…

Well anything over the red dot.

I’d like to see them expand sov null.

More landmarks, for sure.

Doctor Bonn Young


I want end systems and an off switch on the gate…

I actually thought that was kind of going to be a thing in some null-areas with player-owned gates. Ultra-null-bears!

Salt Foambreaker


Well anything over the red dot.

I’d like to see them expand sov null.

Bing… Bing… Bing… Bing… (sorry, I’d turn that inventory sound down if I could do so without turn ALL the sounds off.)

It’s hard to believe that there’s no more universe to explore.

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