Idea about baiting people who are doing pvp

Is it possible to have a Venture sitting out in an asteroid belt, mining and waiting to be shot at, while I cloak a cruiser nearby, waiting to shoot?

It’s possible but it won’t work.

If you’re in highsec they know they’re going to die to concord so they’re already sacrificing their ship.

Cloaks come with a targeting penalty. They’ll have killed your venture and gone before you can do anything. Or, in lowsec, have killed your venture and your cruiser before you can do anything.

Is there any way to bait people with a bigger ship, or hide behind a rock instead of cloaking? Or should I just keep a warp scrambler ready for if a destroyer or frigate arrives, and leave the venture in a station?

This sort of thing isn’t a game mechanic. It’s not based on line-of-sight. It’s based on ship’s sensors and the only thing that hides you from that is cloaking.

What if I just sit there and stop small people from warping, and run from groups or big people? I can probably take down 1-2 destroyers from my Omen.

From the way you’re talking, I’d reckon you are too inexperienced in pvp for that to happen.

You also need a lot more specifics on this.

  • Are you gonna be mining in high sec? low sec? null sec?
  • How is your Venture gonna be fit? (if it pops too fast, you may not even have time to lock the ganker before he’s gone)
  • Have you considered whether your cruiser is fit properly to handle the gankers by itself? (you’ll just be feeding 2 kills instead of 1)

etc. etc.

You may be able to bait people, but you’re gonna be doing a lot of waiting because most people won’t usually waste their time on Ventures.

Baiting is absolutely a thing. The precise tactic you’re describing probably won’t work because (amongst other issues) decloaking most ships comes with a targeting delay, but yes, with some adjustments, using a seemingly helpless non-combat ship as bait can absolutely be a thing.

You’ll see a similar tactic sometimes with some bomber/blops fleets, where a juicy-looking, but heavily tanked bait ship is used to lure in an engagement that the bombers bridge on top of.

I am inexperienced, I am new at the game but I want to try to do pvp.

I will be in low sec

I will put miners in the high slots, resits and armor increases in the low slots

I got people to recommend fittings for my Omen yesterday in the corp chat

I have a badger also, if that is better

Having fallen for this myself in my wormhole, I can absolutely confirm that a bait ship works - but it’s possible to counter this with another ship of your own - bait ship is attacked by you, bait ship’s companion uncloaks and attacks you, your companion uncloaks and attacks the attacker. I did this the other day in my wormhole - both I and the attacker died, but his ship was worth twice the isk of mine…

And it was fun ! which is the only thing that actually matters :slight_smile:

So I should try to get 3-4 other people to help defend a bait ship?

Yeah. Sent you a PM.

Seems like youd be right up the alley for bait proc low sec ice mining :smirk:

If you wanna get PvP experience find a Low or nullsec PvP corp and tag along on some roams. You’ll pick up the basics quickly.

That might be true, but I LIKE the way this guy thinks! @The_Dungeon_Master I hope you go far! Makes me wish I had more time to play.


Not necessarily. I just have 1 alt hidden (multiboxing). If the opposition looks too strong I let the (cheap) bait ship die, and keep the (expensive) alt hidden.

While it is possible to bait with a mining ship, I would recommend a Procurer instead.

Ventures are really good at getting away and warping off quickly, not so much at staying alive when shot at. Procurer is created for staying alive when shot at. :wink:

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