PvP Chimera

I’m setting up my PvP Chimera, staying cloacky in belt, until a roaming gang that only hunts miners warp in belt, so i can decloack and destroy them…

Knowing i’ll only take easy fights, and i’m too behind for hotdrops, can anyone help me fit this ?
I’m currently not getting webs / scrambles, alliance mates told me to use sirens… but i think that web / scramble and 3 fighters squadrons will apply damages faster… and i can kill them before they get out of range

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With cloak and a carrier u want to tackle a roaming gang ? Doubt u can tackle a carrier in time with recalibration time and scanreso… and keep in mind u can’t use ewar with NSA online … maybe get some experience in sub caps befor u try to „cloaky camp“ in a chimera … + who the ■■■■ flys a chimera for anything else then logistic

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I’m not into PvP unless capital fights.
I don’t mind losing it, its just to catch really small gangs. And i’ve already did it once: cloack in belt, wait for them, decloack. Already killed two male and the svipuls warped out.

Chimera is a beautifull ship.

if you want to catch some roaming gangs, then get out there and just sit on the gate and wait for them to tackle you. you dont need a cloak. wtf is wrong with you? it would take a week to lock anything smaller than a battleship, facepalm. you dont mind loosing it? seems odd to me… either you have rediculous isk to waste, or are trolling, baiting, or just plain stupid about eve and dont care that you are throwing away that kind of isk, for a few frigs, cruisers,?

best advice for a new player is if you want to be crafty and think you can do it, then do what I did a lot of the time, do the unexpected. place yourself in a position where you seem at a huge disadvantage, yet a trick remains up your sleeve. a cloak, will not help you here. maybe on your scout, a few jumps a head to give you time and awareness of your area. Like fishing, the best bait is usually injured, young, weak, and struggling at the time of id. One of my favorite lures was called a hula popper. it simulates an injured bait, or to that effect. makes a lot of noise, is clearly visible as its a surface lure, - tons of light on the surface, flashy colors with a tail, etc… anyway, act injured, act retarded, make a lot of noise and talk trash, use a noob char in an overly expensive ship, all these things can help make the fleet you hunt, more aggressive and perceive, you, as an easy target, maybe they will bring less of a doctrine, or their over confidence will hurt their strategy they field.

but you gotta think it thru. Eve is about preparing. like my most recent career, my prep work is about a 4:1 ratio. we prep our work usualy 4 times longer than the work itself would take. its professional, its clean, its well thought out and planned, ■■■■ we even use napkins to draw it out… just, whatever you are doing, be planned for the unexpected, and dont be overly-confident or assume ANYTHING because if you do, you may have already lost the battle.

chimera is an ugly ass ship btw. the old model was amazing. it looks like an i beam… idk what ccp was thinking lol.


Ah, nullbears…

Cause if you sit on a gate you get super dropped. Also I bet you’ve never heard of a networked sensor array or cloak recalibration rigs. An insured chimera is often less investment than a HAC with immense firepower against the unprepared. Against a small gang the Chimera needs nothing but a damage control and full gank fit. Obviously a thanatos or nidhoggur would be better but whatever he likes the Chimera, it’s pretty and I agree.

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nope, never heard of them.

Well the targeting system stabilizers can reduce the lock delay by 15% each. On top of that cloaking V and a pimped cloak can bring it down even lower. I’m on my phone right now so no pyfa but I’m guessing with three of these rigs you can get it down to around 5 seconds. Also the Chimera can uncloak as they are landing, move sirens and fighters to where they are landing and turn on the networked sensor array to pretty much guaranteed catch and annihilate at least one. Cloaked carriers, especially when not capital fit, are so ridiculously cheap to lose insured it’s pretty much isk positive if you blow up one tech ii cruiser.

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Yeah i don’t think you ever had any fight with a carrier then.

Gotta say that this account is not even an alt, its just made to hang out on the forum.
And i’ve already got some kills doing that this week end. (including a tengu!)

So Siren works fine, in combination of dragonfly II and Templar II but most of the time i need a friend with an male to scramble or sabre to put some mobile warp disruptors…

lol I have three carrier pilots, and 0 carrier losses. Ive dropped my niddy a few times in fleet…

you can assume what ever you want. its a “free world”

I will still laugh at you for a pvp cloak carrier fit…

Can’t you just imagine ? You’re roaming with your 3 friends, hunting for miners, you catch one, and a carrier decloack and destroy 2 of you in a few secs.
I really enjoy it.
You don’t lose a lot from the cloak, seriously.

You sure don’t. Except that you loss the respect of solo and small corps. It’s really worse than station games because generally both sides knows what’s going on. Cloaky carriers and super carriers isn’t even seal clubbing anymore, it using a Gustav gun on a baby seal.

Wut ?
You gank harmless miners, and talk about losing respect ?
I don’t give any f*** to guys that gank industrials players :slight_smile:


Miners? I’ve never seen those in low sec or wh, those are elite pvp players :wink:

You didn’t see the point of the post.
I won’t put my chimera cloacky in low sec. I’ll use corp friends that are mining as baits.
For Low Sec, i’ll go with a brutix as biggest ship :slight_smile:

Hate to break it to you, but cloaky carriers are a thing. Check this guy, he’s doing the same thing as our op except in low sec and in a super.


yea I get it, I went thru that phase too, but hindsight is 20/20. trends catch up as younger generations plow thru the content older folks created or already tested.

Sorry but I fail to see the “surprise” …

A. there is local chat, if you are in there, it is NO surprise …

B. you have a kill record. anyone with experience will likely, have gone thru local records …

C. If you need a carrier to drop on miners, to have fun, then Id like to just say I personally feel sorry for you.

You can do the same thing, proper, with a cyno alt in a cov ops. which is in my opinion, a better way to scout, vs sitting on a gate, cloaked… your carrier is stuck to one system unless you jump it around. thus, your hunter killer, scout, would be the tackle, initiator of said engagement, and would also lite your cyno IF it was safe. meaning, you can win that engagement. sitting there cloaked waiting for a miner, is pathetic. jesus. grow some balls, learn to hunt, and evade, and DROP your carrier. tip: USE A CYNO

Its the system where we rat ? we are like 30-50 in local, farming, mining.
its not an empty system. Roamers just come, try to get a free kill, and run away. We never have the time to form up. They dont want fights, just killing harmless miners.

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I’m getting back there and reading you again, well you didn’t understood what i wanted to do.
I’m not going to hotdrop miners.

I’m going to sit next MY miners, cloacky, in carrier, waiting for a small gang (2 sabres, a loki maybe) to gank them.
They never take the time to check everyone in local. They instawarp in enormous / large anoms and catch what hasnt warped out yet.

You’ve been acting like i’ve never hotdropped.
I have experience in Carrier pvp. I’ve fought in capital engagements. I’m just wondering about cloacky camping.

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I like the concept of cloaky Chimera. What about a cloaky Leviatan tho? Or few of them? Oh boi, imagine the possibilities of such traps.