Idea for 20y anniversary (Old ships back)

Back in the day, many of the ships used to be quite different. For example, both Merlin & Tristan were turret/missile 2/2 configurations. Inquisitor was actually a missile boat etc.

So I was wondering, if for the occasion, some of these old configuration boats could come back to LP stores. With new names of course and I assume modified graphics too so that Moa, for example, would remain different looking from the old “giraffe”.





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Old Models… not sure they can, but I’m not opposed if it’s a limited release thing.
Of course, those that liked the old looks might get miffed that they would need to either buy or go through a bunch of hoops to get the old model version.

Old layout, though, I’m actually less in favor of this, as they were revamped with some sort of balance (giggle) in mind. However, I’m not entirely opposed to this if a completely separate shipclass (Prototype Merlin?) again - if it’s a limted release of some sort.

–Nostalgic Gadget

I would love to have my old Navy Geddon back, was my all time favorite ship in EVE, lost quite a few of em as a noob. This new drone boat abomination absolutely ruined it for me. It was the best Amarr laser boat excluding the Paladin, now all I have is the Redeemer. :cry:

wow, it looked much better than the fat bird it is today

Hey, hey its not fat… its fluffy with big bones!

I don’t see why one ship is prized esthetically over another besides a question of personal tastes. All of the ships in EVE past and present look wierd to me. It’s definitely of another kind and acquired taste. All very good and nice and fantastic.

Or maybe the old “One Winged Angel” Scorpion/Rattlesnake/Widow?

Built By Committee.

–Gadget does her own buildin’

I’m still getting used to Nighthawk having Drake hull.

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