Idea for CCP: Lockdown help

Blizzard gives World of Warcraft players a double amount of experience for a month. The developer calls the action Winds of Wisdom and reports that it is intended for people who stay indoors.

The Winds of Wisdom promotion started on March 20 and will run until April 20. All players in Battle for Azeroth receive double the amount of XP, including players from the Starter Edition and Legion.

The developer does not directly attribute the action to the measures in place because of the new coronavirus, but does mention that it is intended for people who stay indoors and ‘return to Azeroth’, which appears to double the amount of xp as an incentive to play WoW during possible lockdowns.

Would it not seem fitting if CCP somehow has an effort to keep players indoors for the coming weeks in benefit to the community as a whole?

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No. Take some responsibilty.


Unlike WOW though EVE players don’t grind for XP. CCP would have to enforce some arbitrary systems where by doing it you skill Q runs at double the speed.

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I don’t know, maybe they could invent something that gives you sp when you kill a certain number of npcs?


Free titans for all!

LOL ok,

@Sgt_Warlock lets look at this…

1.) You dont have to log in to skill up.
2.) WoW you and you have to grind (kill things) to skill up.

so sure lets be like WoW…
and change things like a level 5 skill for anything to the 4 Billion SP/XP to acquire from use only.
or in some cases like T2 skills… 1.5 Billion increase per level past lv1.

with that in mind…please think how your concept is really not smart.

Great, knowing CCP they’ll take away your SP and call it the plague just for your request.

CCP is the OPPOSITE of WoW. Because it has a big dick and huge steely balls.

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I like it!

I am a dyed in the wool, PVE, mother-loving carebear. But, give everyone on sisi access to capitals and supers, plus max skills to fly them, and I’m up for a fight! Never having done any PvP and not being within years of flying the big-girls, it would be too fun an opportunity to miss.

(And of course, if you make it more practical - nothing bigger than BS but still with the extra skills - what are the chances enough carebears will return to TQ wanting to do more PvP to make it worth while?)

It’s called Sisi for a reason. Gotta be Sissy to pvp there.

The point was more about the practicality of making temporary but still significant changes to sisi vs doing it directly on TQ.

Otherwise, if you just give me (and everyone else) a free titan on TQ, as suggested by @Xuxe_Xu, then all I am going to do is either sell it or send it to the melt. Which gives me limited incentive during lock down, as was originally proposed by OP.

I was just making a pun about the name haha

Just as I was pointing out that I am too sissy to pvp in the first place - but give me chance to fly a titan? - I’m in !

I guess I don’t disagree, but sisi is still a funny name :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s needed right now is a massive, and I mean systemwide, event. Something that should unite every active player. Wormholes clowncarring out Drifters, for example. Drifters that gravitate toward every player structure and start shooting the snot out of them.

Cue the smacktalk. But hey: drifters are killable. Drifters drop stuff. Shiny stuff.

(CCPlease: if you do do this, please make sure to exclude newbie systems, the Triglavian invasion thing I’m sure was a hiccup but I saw a good few 0-day players permanently rage quit over that).

Id love this, but it wouldnt do what you think. HS would roll over and be utterly destroyed as the safezoners leave and fiull the forums with poison, the Krabs in null would do the same.

The PvE wunderland they crave would be the thing they hate the most.

Global pandemic aside…

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Keep your ■■■■■■■■. I play EvE so I can forget for a few moments the crap the world is in.

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