Remove passive SP generation and switch to an xp model?

There is currently very little reward for winning a pvp encounter which can offset the isk you risk. For some players thats enough of a deterrent not to pvp.

What if killmails awarded SP as did pve encounters (abyss, ratting, mining, incursions, wh sites etc).

If players are actively required to login and play to advance their skills, login numbers could increase. It also means new players have a means to catch up through playing more.

Think of the years of content a model where SP was earned would provide. Keep people on that SP treadmill.

After 16 years, that doesn’t make sense. As for isk, it can be replaced. Just be glad you don’t lose SP, back in the day it was expensive for +80m SP and I am not sure how high it went after +100m SP, which got so expensive that people refused to PVP.


As opposed to playing the game?

What a terrible idea with terrible reasons.



This is a fallacy.

Grinding xp favours older players not new players. There’s no logic in the idea that new players play more than vets. Instead, vets are far more capable of getting kills than new players and will train faster than new players.

The current system (less sp injectors and dailies) is by far the most fair. Please think things through for a few minutes.


So kill my alt 500 times. Done.


The current passive SP system incentivises NOT playing the game i.e. you get SP whether you’re logged in or not. My suggestion is to tie the acquisition of SP to ingame activities. It promotes actually playing the game rather than logging in each month to re-plex.

I disagree with most of your post. To give an example, if a new player is 30 days away from being able to fit for an activity they wish to try, they either need to wait it out or save up enough isk for 4 injectors (which is likely to be prohibitively expensive for a newbie). They have no way of actively expediting that process.

The SP giveaways have been a great start, but the amount awarded per day is gated. I’d love a more ambitious mechanic which either ramps the daily SP rewards up for spending more time doing certain activities in game or replaces the system altogether so that SP is more like xp in a conventional game.

I say this as a vet with 4 accounts which includes 3 perfectly skilled rorq pilots, a dread/titan pilot, fax pilot and super carrier pilot. I don’t need the SP or ISK, i just want to encourage new players to see this game grow.

The game is stale and stagnant and the lengthy skill trains the game asks of new players i think is too off putting to keep them sticking around when other MMOs offer much more tangible observable progression mechanics.

No. It means you don’t have to grind. Which allows you to play the game for fun and do what you want. Not be forced to do X as the most efficient xp.
If anything grind xp is more encouraging to not ‘play’ the game and instead do that antisocial activity in the corner.

Also you are never 30 days away from an activity. You might be 30 days away from the self imposed target before you will try said activity.
But the large majority of activities can be done in a day.


One person’s grind is another person’s progression. At present new players have very little opportunity to advance themselves towards that ship/fit/module/activity they have their sights on. Some activities literally require years to skill up to. No other MMO asks that of a player.

Are you suggesting playing solo is not actually playing the game at all? That’s pretty nonsensical. You could link SP rewards to group activities such as Incursions, capturing citadels, Trig invasions etc.

There are many activities you simply cannot do in a t1 / meta fit.

Really? Let’s see the list. I’m curious to see what you come up with.


We don’t have progression either, you seem to have no concept of EVE.


Just remove the SP mechanic entirely and incorporate all of the various skill effects into the base ship/module stats. Having skills at all is a relic of the days when CCP threw in a bunch of standard MMORPG mechanics without having a clear idea of how EVE was going to be different, it has no real place in the modern game.

When not even winning is enough for these brats…



It does not give incentive for playing, which isn’t necessary. Players can play without worrying about making SP. A player who needs to be baited into playing is a shitty player and a game that requires to bait people into playing is a shitty game.

Your perspective is horrible and this idea sounds like it’s coming from an addict.


So tell me how this encourages new players over old and alllows them to catch up. Show me something a new player can do better than a vet with a grind system.

By forcing them to grind for hours each day rather than do any activity they like and even train whilst offline, at work, with the family and taking care of real life?

To be fair this could be done with the right targeting of activities for the SP reward. For example, if highsec level 1 missions give the best SP rewards then newbies will get rewarded for the activity they’re doing anyway while vets would have to sacrifice the ISK rewards of endgame-level content to farm SP instead.

So tell me how a newbie can do lvl 1 missions faster than a vet can again.


Do you also want to respawn at a safe with your ship intact - Just remove ALL risk.

And honestly did you even think your suggestion through?
100+ on a killmail - Who gets the SP?
Final blow or top damage are no good as in many cases there would be no final blow without the other 99+ helping with the kill - Who misses out?

But a vet can still do them faster. And it opens up sp farming by grinding level 1’s. Also creates a weird situation where people might not want to stop doing level 1’s.


They can’t. The point is that the opportunity cost of the vet doing level 1 missions instead of farming in nullsec is too high to make it appealing.

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Grinding for XP is the worst thing in any other mmo game that I have been playing. I am currently playing (or not, to be precise) Albion Online and I have to grind hours every day to advance just one single type of gear to more efficiency. I have not been able to play Albion in over a week and thus could not advance any gear at all in that time. In EVE, I just kept training during the same period of time.

Passive training is much superior over grinding for XP in any possible scenario.