Change the rewarding system to reward logged in activity rather than logged out or idleness

Change the rewarding system to reward logged in activity rather than logged out or idleness

  • Reward actual activities with SP rewards, encourages logging in and participation in space
  • Remove background skilling, it rewards logging out and idleness,
  • SP can be injected, skill plans and queue can still remain for applying rewarded/injected SP,
  • Attribute boosters can work when logged in and applying SP.

I disagree.

Passive skill training is one of the best aspects of EVE compared to the mindless repetitive grinding I have to do in other games to get my skills up.

It doesn’t do what you seem to imply: passive skill training does not encourage staying logged out or idleness.
Passive skill training just makes you free to spend your time however you see fit, whether it is doing missions or mining or doing PvP ingame or spending time out of the game.


Remove both login rewards and skilling spree.


That would be a bad idea and no I don’t think hoping to get Eve back to the year 2003 is going to work either.

You can always give away your free login rewards and don’t do skilling spree.

You want players and activity, not more of the year 2003.


Daily log-in rewards and skilling sprees are a cheap alternative to a game that is intrinsically fun and interesting enough to log in to daily.

They’re a cheap trick, just like adding achievements can triple the playtime of a game without adding any extra content, or a more well-known example outside of gaming: how clickbait titles on videos can generate more views regardless of their content.

I like quality content in my games please, not cheap tricks. So I agree with @Daichi_Yamato : Remove both login rewards and skilling spree.

When I play the game I want to be playing because of the engaging content. Not because I get rewards when I press the right buttons, like some monkey in an experiment.

While essentially any game can be reduced to ‘press the right buttons for rewards’, the main difference between a good game and cheap tricks is the intention behind the buttons they add.

EVE did a fantastic job with an engaging universe where the focus clearly is on the gameplay.

With log-in rewards the main focus doesn’t seem to be on the gameplay. The focus instead is on how to make players do things that CCP benefits from with the least amount of effort from CCP’s side:
‘how do I get someone to log in daily’‘add a daily button to click for reward!’.
‘How do I get someone to undock daily’‘add a daily reward for shooting an NPC!’

Sorry about the rant. It just reallly irritates me to see these cheap tricks appear in games I like.


They’re preying on your fear of missing out rather than delivering actual content. Do you log-in to get your blue prints or do you log-in to play a game? It reminds me of a line in Rush Hour.


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