Idea for Sisi to curb station fighting

Since everyone seems to like fighting at the station for some reason in 6-C, maybe you guys could make some kind of invincible deployable that would be deployed at the station, and would report any PVP activity within range of the rules? Every mirror it would have to be redeployed, but it would be another tool to fight rulebreakers.

Note - it would ONLY record PvP encounters at the station. If people would like to clean up wrecks or something, it would ignore those, as well as drones not attached to a ship.

You could also just move to a different seeded system. There are lots of them available.

Or people are required to read and obey the rules before they log in.

rulebreakers are unstoppable,my freighter was shot at station then my sabre got shredded too

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