Idea: Loyalty points store automatic adapative pricing

Current state: Loyalty points costs are a fixed value usually set once and almost never changed.

Future state: The cost of items in loyalty point stores are linked to quantity bought, and recalculated every downtime.

  • as quantity bought rises, the cost will rise as well. +1% per day where nonzero quantity are bought
  • as quantity bought drops, the cost will drop. -1% per day where zero quantity are bought.

Floor would be 1% of original listing value. (99 days of consecutive lack of buying)
Ceiling would be 199% of original listing value. (99 days of consecutive buying)

To prevent market abuse, quantity stocked will decrease along with cost on poor performing listings. So at 1% floor price, the stock level would be 1% of normal as well. You get some really good deals for stuff no one wants, but there’d only be a few of them.

This would cushion market crashes and allow Glamourex boosters to be introduced more frequently.
This would also make out of date pricing automatically lower to create opportunities.

Overall effect would maintain a steady lp/isk ratio for a healthier economy.

So… not only will popular items cost more on the player market due to demand, now they will cost even more just to get them from the LP store in the first place?

Hard no.

Faction ammo is a perfect example of how rapidly items would get priced out of being affordable by the masses - making the rich get richer and screwing everyone else.

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What does this even mean?

If I have stuff listed, and it doesn’t sell, then the game will just decrease my inventory to prevent abuse?

I believe Flashrain means the LP store will start having limited supply - which makes this idea even MORE broken than just price shifts based on demand.

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This proposal does not have the intended effect or anything remotely close to it. Hard no.

If you read the idea through again, you’d see that’s not how you think it works.

There’s a floor and a ceiling to keep things from being extremely expensive. AND the stock level actually INCREASES for high demand items.

YES, it will cost more LP for high demand items, BUT stock level will be increased as well.

Quantity stocked : doesn’t touch your listings. It’d decrease the NPC listings. This means if your stuff listed and doesn’t sell, the NPC store will gradually stock less and less - making YOUR listing become the only large source of the item. This will drive buyers your way.

So what issue is your proposal trying to fix???

Going from infinite stock to limited stock = INSTANT price increase on in-demand items (like the previously mentioned ammo).

It also raises the already high cost of getting items out of the LP store, without increasing the LP-to-isk value of those items - in fact, this LOWERS the LP-to-isk value.

So, no, this doesn’t do what you think it does. Your understanding of market forces in a player-driven economy is dramatically flawed. Please stop trying to ‘fix’ things that are working perfectly.

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I too am wondering…


This is really dumb.

… eh, what?

Usually I try, but I don’t even feel the urge to explain why this is a bad idea. Just that it is.

I think OP is trying to “fix” that certain items aren’t a very good use of LP when sold on the market, thus introducing supply and demand to the LP store as well as the market itself.

To which I would like to point out that the market already takes care of this. The “problem” here is that people, and thus Eve Online players, are not perfectly rational actors and therefore continue to buy and put up for sale items that are not the “best” return on LP for a variety of reasons. Some of them even fairly decent reasons.

Overall I don’t think there’s anything here that needs solving.

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