Now that we are changing how currencies are stored, any chance we will change how they are sold?

Loyalty points are something you have to turn into a physical object before being sold (ammo, implants, bpcs, etc.). What are the chances we the players will get to turn LP into physical currency to be bought and sold for people who want the LP to turn into physical objects?

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Slim to none, because you can’t buy loyalty!

From a game viewpoint, I assume this would simply become another bot/AFK farmable resource. I’m not necessarily opposed to that but since it would be Alpha-grindable it’s probably not a good idea. Unless “LP extraction” was limited to LP earned while in Omega state.

You could make a similar case for “why can’t we convert faction standings to an object, extract it and sell it”. Again, it would appear that the abuses outweight the benefits.


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