[IDEA] Name Change Certificate

Nobody is advocating wiping any reputation. The toon would still have the same rep in contact lists, same employment history, wins, losses, killrights etc. It’s a label change.

The better way to track enemies anyway is with contacts.

I’m not sure about others, but personally I recognise people (and their reputation) by their name. Not their character detail page.

Im up for Name Change Certificate or name change option.
Maybe a compromise could be, only once pr char or once a year.

A lot of the debate is about reputation.
Why is it such a bad thing if someone wants to erase their past however bad it is,
and start “fresh” and do something different, but keep their char/sp?
I dont have a problem with a person who wants to do that.

Or when someone created their char years ago and grown older
and now think their name is a bit daffed or immature orwhatever.
Why not the option to change name?

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Not really, no.
My arguement is basically saying : “The reputation argument is irrelavant”.

Changing a Name is far from being the same as buying or creating a new character.

It is just, simply a quality of life options for simple players to change the name of a character…
Nothing more, nothing less…
Stop seeing malicious intents everywhere…

It’s up to CCP, i personally wish they allow it once per character life time.

Reputation is a bad arguement against this idea, and even more so with all the restrictions i’ve listed that CCP could apply to the certificate.
Changing a name does not change a reputation at all.

The only fear of the people against it, is that they might lose a ship if they do not recognise “at a glance” someone they used to know by name entering local… imagine those poor guys, they could lost a super !

I mean, why would someone waste his time changing a character name, while they can simply create a new one to spy on his target and “spawning” at the last moment…
There are plenty of easier ways to “spy” or “surprise” a target than buying a name change certificate…

A good idea, perhaps a notification in the employment history, that signals that the name has been changed, to balance out reputation concerns. +1

You can repeat that, but repeating it doesn’t make it true.

People recognise eachother by name. Change that name and your reputation will be hidden in some submenu for people to find only if they have reasons to doubt you, but they won’t recognise you or know your reputation at first glance anymore.


As i’ve demonstrate earlier in this thread.
Reputation is not tied to a name.

Let’s take 2 examples of “famous” Eve players.
Lucy Loo & Bjorn.

They both play mulitple different characters, and they all have the same reputation once the other players know who’s behind the screen.

The player behind the character(s) has a reputation, not the character itself.

So your point just falls with this as the character name can vary whilst being the exact same human being behind it.

So what ?
You risk loosing a ship ?

You can repeat that as well, but repeating it won’t make it true.
Searching the truth is the basis of a discussion.

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Just because these people and their reputation have multiple known character names doesn’t mean that if they were to change to a new name everyone would know it’s them, or their reputation.

No, I risk not recognising people anymore.

Example: there was a clan in an old mmo that I used to play. Once upon a time people were allowed to start changing their name (within some restrictions like cost involved, cooldown etc).

Some time after that update and a lot of name updates further, I couldn’t keep up anymore who was who. All old memories tied to people, gone.

Sure, a few people closer to you you will still recognise, but all of them? Mixed with new players and alts? Impossible for me.

I’d like to avoid that in EVE, if possible.

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Lets take Lucy Loo.
Lucy Loo has a reputation.

Now, Stranger McUnknow approach’s you in space… its actually Lucy Loo with a name change.
Without manually going through a submenu system you don’t know this, so this character has ‘somewhat’ hidden/washed/cleared her reputation.

I don’t know how you claim to have ‘demonstrated this’, the only way we ‘know’ another character is by that character’s name. So that characters reputation is totally tied to its name.


well… If someone wants to keep their hard earned good/bad reputation,
-their not gonna change name are they.

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It does mean something to those who care about cosmetic issues, and guess what? Unless the point is to hide your past deeds, THIS IS a cosmetic issue!

When people create their character they may have a name in mind. Or think of one on the spot. But after creation and after playing for a few days or weeks, they may look at their character’s face and think of a name that better fits. Or just come up with a better one for having thought about it when at creation they had no time. Or wish to have something more in line with the corporation they found or friends they found since creation.

And while for you a few weeks may be nothing, to a new player with only one character its the world.

Since you never knew a character named “Stranger McUnknown”, it has hidden/washed/cleared 0 reputation at all.
Precisely because you never came accross that guy.

Until, you know…
But only after you actually know.

So your behaviour towards this “Strange McUnknown” should be the exact same behaviour you should have had towards any other ‘new’ or ‘unknown’ character you come accross in the game : Caution.

Does this better demontrate my point ?
The only common denominator to a reputation is the human being behind the screen, not the character.

snif :frowning:


For people with an actual reputation, which is by the way, a tiny tin %age of Eve players, who think that their name is the holder of that reputation, they will more likely keep it.

For other people willing to be a spy/bait/whatever ‘negativ’ role in Eve there could be, they will chose other easier ways to proceed.

For the tramendous amount of other ‘normal’ players in Eve, they will have the freedom to change their name if they want to.

My time in Eve may have erased that in my head.
I’m sorry.
Of course, a few weeks can be a lot to a new player.

Though, if this new player with a few weeks wants to give himself the means, he will realise that it is actually nothing.
Just a few hours farming, buying some Skill Injectors, and off you go.

Fair enough with regards to my sub-point. But you skipped over the main point for some reason.

Your character’s face is randomly generated. If I am not mistaken you had six random faces to choose from. From there you got to play with the face a little bit but you could not make a Lady Gaga face resemble Taylor Swift.

I myself have an ALT that people quickly said looked like a famous character and I want to change the name to reflect that. I would have within a few weeks of creation had I had the option. I will if I get the option in the future.

But the point remains, you cannot take your face with you when you biomass.

It’s a bit off the topic of changing names, but yes, you can take your face with you. There are 24 faces (3 for each of the faction bloodlines, male and female) and there is a large but limited amount of options you can change. Recreating a face is pretty straightforward once you have some experience with the character creator.

I take that as sarcasm?

If that is your response to one of my main reasons to be against such name changes - that I personally experienced in another mmo how this completely threw off my recognition of other players - then I don’t think you are aware what a terrible idea name changes is in a game where your reputation is meant to mean something.

I understand that you may want to change a name you don’t like anymore, but you don’t seem aware of the unintended and (by you) onforseen consequences this will bring to the game.

…is not the same as this:

My bolds.

I just don’t think that is ever going to be good enough for those concerned with these cosmetic things. “Almost” rarely is.

I think i lost you somewhere. :smiley:
But that’s a good idea : being able to save a character “DNA” to paste it for new character.

That would be an argument in favor of my idea : Not being able to change the name of my character, would “force” me, if i had the ISK, to biomass and create a new one to who i would inject skills until it has the same amount of skill points, with the right name… but…, without the same cosmetic. :frowning:

Did i got you there ? :smiley:

What about those that “experienced” name change in another game and had 0 issue with that ?

Do you think that YOUR “experience” should be the basis of what CCP should developp in Eve Online played by some other 30k players ?

Do you think that, because it may “erase” the reputation of 1% players, the other 99% should not be given the option to change their name ?

How can you tell that it erases a reputation when any other character among the 30k-ish players you may come across with while playing may have a reputation you’re not aware of ?
How would you react if that’s the case ?
Crying out loud : “Hey ! I don’t know you ! You have no rights to interact with me ! Go off !” ?
Or acting cautiously pre-emptivly ? Until you get more information about that guy ? And change your behaviour accordingly ?
Or do you know every single Eve Online players and their reputation ?
Or are you some kind of ermite, so afraid of social interactions, that you rather play alone hidden somewhere farming ISK all day ?

What kind of unintended and unforseen consequences Name Change Certificate would bring in the game ?
Are you that allmighty that you can see them ?
Do you think that because we cannot forseen those consequences, nothing should ever be changed ?

Do you think that things in general should not change because we cannot see the future of those changes ?
Do you want to be immortal ?

Oh, believe me. I like your idea. I just don’t want to see it abused.

Nothing you have said is inherently “bad”. Its just some players.

But yes, actually being able to transfer the exact face would be a great thing.

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Personally, I think they should implement a name change option, but I would do two things:

  • 1: have former names in the character sheet to view.
  • 2: at downtime, when the name change is implemented, send a mail to all that have a contact set for that character with the new name change, thus informing of the new name. By doing it at downtime, this should avoid spammy mails during major fights as well.

All this mail would need to say is something along the lines of “Playername A” is now known as “Playername B”. and that your standings have been automatically updated, then link to the service faq.

This is a good suggestion.

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