[IDEA] Name Change Certificate

Back in days when I was F1 monkey I wanted to change my nickname. Alphabet broadcasts :slight_smile:

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When no-one has presented a new argument in this thread, why is this an issue?
It’s an age old argument, we know both sides of it, and we still have our opinions on which side we come down. To change minds you need new information, lack of change is not indication of a closed mind.

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Personally, I would not mind having the opportunity to change this characters name. I bought it as a new player back in 2009, and though it only had the core skills trained when i bought it, it was several months better trained than the character I originally started with. The name at the time, wasn’t something I worried about, but have since come to wish to better personalize my character to ME, rather than to what someone else had made. And factually, most of the arguments against name changes are really irrelevant.

  1. You CAN get your social security number changed, by social security. I’ve done it. But you have to have a compelling reason as to why before they will do so.

  2. You can legally change your name in life, with just a few hoops to jump through… but your old name still persists with you as a legal record that can be accessed by authority.

3.You can change the look of yourself, and your character, in real life and in game. Just look at some of the more um… wild looks, plastic surgery addicted people end up with, compared to what they looked like before.

  1. If changing your name in game doesn’t effect standings, watchlist, etc, then an argument against is moot. I have Goonswarm on watchlist, every member of Goonswarm shows up to me in local as favorable player accordingly. If I have player X with negative standings, then regardless if player X changes their names, that negative standing will remain, and if I see them in a system, I am alerted to them and will act accordingly

  2. A possible option would be to allow players who buy a character, to change the name of the character (I can already hear the squeels).

  3. Other games allow player name changes, and it doesn’t effect gameplay.

Personally, Having the chance to change this characters name would be nice. Sure it’s grown on me since I bought it in 2009, kinda like mold, I’d still like to put my own personal stamp on the nameplate. BUT… the reality is, name changes in EVE will likely never happen, not that the arguments against them are really valid, but because ccp would have to do some not so light code changes that would probably break a bunch of other things.

So, while I am for limited (or once in a lifetime) name changes. I’m pretty sure I’ll have this name to the day I die cause I can’t see CCP implementing such a thing in the next year or so.


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I’m not working with CCP, and i’m not aware of the real impacts of such a possible change.
But as far as i know about Characters, and from the mecanics of ESI that i got, characters are basically only IDs with a display name.
It shouldn’t be that hard to change the display name of that ID.

The problem(s) i see is more likely to be :

  • How do i keep track of available names
  • How do i avoid 2 players trying to change their character name at the same time ending up with the same
  • If player A was named ‘John Doe’, and changed for ‘James Boon’, can player B change his name for ‘John Doe’ now that it is “available” and if yes, at which point ?

When you tell people that changing a display name has no relations at all far or close from “erasing a reputation” or “escaping consequences” or “wiping history”, and they stand still on their “principle”.

It is indeed being close minded.

I don’t mind people against the idea.
I mind people being against it, just, … “because reputation”.

Can you imagine the F1 meta when everyone has changed their name to start with a Z, when fcs start broadcasting the alphabet backwards to mess with all those players with changed names? :rofl:

Entire alliances of characters would change names to fit the meta.

And then they would feel dumb as it is a lifetime use only and “meta” (if ever calling names as an fc is a “meta”…) switches back…

Then you have expressed your opinion but provided no new information to back that opinion up. If I tell you the moon is made of cheese it does not make the moon made of cheese just because I told you.

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Well, the issue is right there.
This is not an “opinion”.
It is a fact.

Among human beings there are as much as name for objects as there are languages.
That doesn’t change the object itself.

But most importantly, it is a technical fact as well.
A toon you sell on the market changes the human being behind the screen owning it (the player).
A toon you erase to strip its skill points and re-inject those in another fresh new toon does not exist anymore.

Changing the name of a toon does not change the player behind the screen, and it still exists…

Nothing less, nothing more.

you’ve made it known time and time again why you are so for this…
others have made it known why they are against it (plus thats why i asked two highly reputable CSM’s their opinion on this as well)

You asked how others feel about it, even though you really don’t give a damn what anyone thinks… your way is the highway fine.

say CCP does implement a name change, IF they do, I would much prefer the name change to go as

Current name:
Geo Eclipse Oksaras

New name:
GEO ‘aka’ Geo Eclipse Oksaras

or like, the wanted banner
alias: Geo Eclipse Oksaras

I find OPs original proposal good, but instead of 1 life time name change… I would allow it once every 16 years.

or you know… a one-time use of a renaming certificate- or a long time limit, with a note in that pilots bio/info etc?
no one is saying: “oh yeah, ccpls, let us be able to spam the renaming and/or character transfers to really be able to cover/obscure our history”
that fits into your narrative of “it happens rarely”.

as pointed out in the post below yours, “hard to change the name” is not even a factor, changing name is a factor of IRL $ or isk… (having alot of isk is not “hard” regardless of where isk comes from.)
Also as pointed out, we who write here, do not want to erase our history/our api, we are simply looking to change our name.

Yeah, you already lost the argument, in this thread.
As pointed out, again and again, a rename certificate with a clear history is not at all the same as a zero history “blank” statement like: “this character has been transferred”.
So you have failed to grasp the idea, thus you cannot really argue against it. as evident from your post.

Again, same stale arguments… its like the naysayers want to misinterpret what a renaming certificate means.
Again, a 100m sp pilot (me) could sell my char for what…? 50b? 100b? (idk) id take that and start over with a new name and money for injectors and I continue to be an evil spy under a new name… ?

so in fact, your arguments “against” in the current game are actually PRO name change certificate, as we, the yes sayers say; we will keep our history and reputation, with the new name, as our old name is in our bio. unlike a blank “character transferred” statement (that you are obviously willing to accept)

your reputation in my eyes in this thread are: “the guy who are fact resistant and just goes with his own self-righteous beliefs rooted in his idiotic/old principles” so yeah… I guess it’s a good thing my CSM vote is only 1 :slight_smile:

two “reputable” CMS for what? fact resistance? it’s not an opinion-based argument, it’s a fact-based argument.
“Name change-certificate” is a fact, for ‘rich’ people. and alliance sponsored spys.
the only difference between the “isk rename certificate” and a CCP endorsed certificate… the current one that is live removes all your history from the eve universe.

(and the irony is that this “history removal” is often why people would be against a ccp rename-certificate… lol… dont know if i should cry or laugh tbh.)

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The fact that there already exists - as you note here - a way to effectively change your name (sell the character, skill inject the profits to the new character) that doesn’t require any other changes and doesn’t have the potential downsides negates the need for what you’re asking for.

You can effectively already do it.

If it’s just the name that people care about, there is no reason they can’t do exactly what you suggested. I get the feeling it’s not the name alone that matters, and that’s why the change certificate thing is a bad idea.

Stop with this nonsense. You are making an argument for a mechanics change. You’re stating your opinion and making your case - you’re not presenting facts that are incontrovertible. If your case is as strong as you think it is, you’ll be persuasive. But you’re not going to persuade me by insulting me, so that’s a bad path to walk down.

And yet, you still sadly seem to totally ignore one important point :

  • What about the players that want to change their names, and keep their history/reputation/physic ?

There are in fact NO way to effectively change one’s name.
There are indeed ways to change a Character.

Those 2 actions are totally different from one another.

No, you effectively cannot change a character’s name without biomassing or without changing character.
Which is in fact reroling, not renaming.
The previous character is gone or sold, we do not posess it anymore.

This is precisely because it is not only the name that matters that we want an NCC.
What matters is the name AND the history that we DO want to keep.

A spy or a scammer won’t waste his time with a high SPed character by renameing it to try his evil actions again on other victims if he had been compromised.

He will use other ways than an NCC to erase his history or evade consequences, precisely because a NCC would keep this history.
Not only by an in-game history / notification / any kind of way to display it CCP would chose, but simply because the character, the toon itself is not erased or not sold out…

This would be a very bad idea for a spy / scammer to use an NCC…

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as pointed out… your feelings are correct.
We want our name change to reflect in the api / to the world, and thats a good thing - according to me, and your own stated opinions that you misslabel as “why its a bad idea”.

Thats why i say your fact resistant.
We both argue for the same thing.

And I too can say that i get the feeling “its not name change alone that matters”, i get the feeling that you and all nay-sayers are really just afraid of changes. I get the feeling that you might be thinking:
“yes that is a great idea… BUT, we have played this game a long time and we know the limitations of ccp, so we are afraid ccp will ■■■■ this up and thats why we cant admit to everyone that its a good idea, that essentialy is what we want aswell”

If I felt it was a great idea, I’d say it’s a great idea. I’ve heard this idea many, many times before over the years, and my concerns remain: letting players change their name, even for a fee, allows people to easily escape bad behavior by rebranding with no significant penalties, especially if all you see is a tiny italiziced thing in the employment history that notes a name change was put through.

If the name is the issue, rerolling shouldn’t be a problem. But you don’t just want the name change, you also want to keep everything else - corp history, age of character, etc. That’s too powerful, given the most likely use cases.

I mean, imagine you are somebody who is notorious. For a simple, small fee, you can wipe away 99% of the hate you get every time you appear in local by just buying a name change. That’s a very anti-EVE thing to me and that’s why I have always been skeptical of this idea, every time I’ve heard it.

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also. noone said a small italiciezed thing, like what is now with transfers.

we have said that the previous name should be visable.

and if we could agree that this was good improvments (which it is, by all accounts present in this thread) then we can start discussion how this should be implemented in best possibly way…

This is tiring, if not painful…

It is - I wish folks would realize that after years of debating this, it’s still not likely to ever happen.

Are you serious ?
This ? Is your “argument” ?

Have you even read my last post ?

And those guys are “CSM”…