IDKHBTFU is a new corporation looking for a few pilots to join us in our wormhole.

What do we offer?

  • Docking and access to high-level wormhole content and an even cut of the profit
  • Regular small gang PvP roams

What are we looking for?

  • Intelligent, independent pilots with an appetite for the above

SP Requirement:
Skill requirement is a soft 15m sp. If your skills are focused enough to fly specific ships (well), we’re happy to take you on.

What ships?
Guardian, Augoror, Rodiva, Confessor, Hecate, Kikimora, Draugur

We don’t require you to have experience and are happy to teach so long as you are able to learn.

Corporate Culture:
We are not looking for people who want or need to have their hands held. We are interested in a collaborative atmosphere where all are competent. There are only a few of us currently, and we are only looking for enough players to run the content in the hole efficiently and regularly. If you decide you want to be part of the corp at some point and our relationship is mutually beneficial, we’ll be happy to take you.

Do I have to join?
No. Right now we’re happy to take people who are interested in running the content. We’ll probe out entrances for you and give you docking rights while you’re here. There will be some vetting, however.

What does IDKHBTFU stand for?
It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you if you guess correctly.

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