If it is all so bad then how is this possible?

I know. Problems connecting and whatnot. Awful. How dare things not go exactly how you want them to? Right?

Wrong. If everything was so bad how could this rabbit be in this flowerpot?

Seriously - how? You can’t answer me can you? Ok, then how about answering me this - If everything was so bad…

…how could these 2 baby Angora rabbits be so cute and fluffy? ANSWER ME THAT!!!

You can’t, can you? No. So get a grip and stop it. Also, feel free to pose your own sickeningly-cute-animal-based “questions”.

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You should have included using their hides for some new house slippers too :3

Ngl, I am old but I refuse slippers. I did used to go ferreting though and that casserole is pretty low-tier when you consider how rich the meat is and how much you can do. Even BBQ rabbit is fkn stunning.

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