If PvE was made to be more fun then


If PvE where to be made fun in this game then…

More people would play EVE, It seems PvE players make up the bulk of the player base,
More PvP players will join, as there are more PvE players to kill,

It’s like owning a bar / pub or nightclub,
If you can pack the place with girls, the guys will show up whether you want them to or not.

IMO it’s time for THE VERY FIRST update/overhaul to missions in 17 years

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Can you please provide highly specific examples of things you feel are wrong with PVE and specific improvements you have in mind?

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Nope, I think I said it all in my OP.

If you REALLY want PvE then maybe Eve isn’t the game for you…or them…



Care to expand on that?

you basically just told me to quit EVE…

Well if you want a game focused on fighting AI then the ‘X’ series is the best out there(IMO)…If quitting Eve for a game you would enjoy more would make you happier then why would I suggest otherwise?

EVE is the best game around IMO but it’s not for everyone…like anything else…

No you didn’t. You said “make it fun”, which is vague at best and often used by PvE players to mean “make it pay more ISK and remove all PvP threats”. If you have some interesting ideas for how to make PvE more fun then please present them, but so far you’ve said nothing of value.


your words not mine… putting words in my mouth wont win you any “Arguments” of your own making.

basically By “Fun” i mean something players want to do… that’s all I mean, balance pve, pvp, etc can remain the same, just make it more engaging… more FUN!

What if all that the player wants to do is make ISK with the least amount of effort possible because they see PvE as a means to an end goal of, say, being able to purchase a Titan?

Still how is telling players to quit EVE a good thing, just because I’d like a PVE update?

You’re kinda contradicting yourself here a bit…if you think the majority of players are PvE than that kinda would mean that it something many enjoy…if they didn’t then they wouldn’t be the majority, right?

PvE in EVE is a means, not an ends…

Please tell me how I’m contradicting myself? Please be Specific.

So, you’re just here to make vague statements about “fun” and whine about being criticized. Got it.

Still how is telling players to quit EVE a good thing, just because I’d like a PVE update?

Because not everyone belongs in EVE.

And your just here to tell people to quit EVE. there was no Whining… that’s your perspective not mine.

CCP has a dim view of players telling other players to QUIT EVE! This might be a good time to re-read the EULA.

Please read the OP again, it was a hopeful suggestion, not a complaint, not a spat nothing like that FULL F*N STOP!

I thought you just talking about pve?

Eve[quote=“MB_ThePhotographer, post:19, topic:240153”]
I thought you just talking about pve?

Everything in EVE is interconnected PVE effects PVP and vise versa.


Edit; And you could at least learn how to quote correctly…