Eve can be so much better

Why do we need to push ourselves so far with this game ?
Why so many complications ?
Like why can’t we all just have PvE ? Why do you prefer to do anything else than mining and project discovery ? I really don’t see the point of it .
You go in null sec space and you put so much effort and you are at the mercy of others , then the war starts and can’t participate in battle.

What i propose is to just stay in high sec and do just mining and industry and project discovery , we can sell what we produce to npc buy orders . CCP can create for us null sec npc wars , where npcs fight the wars for territory gain with what we produce for them , it will be easier this way . Then we can also have hypernet with bet system , we can bet on who takes sov, how fast and how many systems,etc.
Why burn ourselves for such superfluous and mundane things ?!?
Can’t we make this easier ?

Sisi. You can even play in null on sisi.

pardon my ignorance but i am new to this game , what is sisi ?

Singularity (affectionately known as Sisi) is the test server where you can do anything and be anything - most items are seeded on the market for, like 100 isk.

what would be the point if it is just a test server ? if we can’t mine and build together ?
why am i forced to go to war in null sec ? every corporation said to me they plan to go there , i have no choice.

This is a PvP game bud. If you’re a solo PvEer or a PvEer who thinks they shouldn’t have to deal with PvP conflict then you quite simply need to unsub and find another game.

I don’t even know what this topic is about. It has some sort of sarcasm mixed in with language problems.

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but why do they push me to null sec , they ask capital ship and fax , what is fax ? they don’t want not even to know me , want isk and capital ship

What’s the point in anything if you just want to pve and sell to npc orders?

Do you want to play eve online or not?

This is most definitely a troll.


yes, but can’t we have it different ?

it’s what i’m told often , i am new and want to understand , i don’t understand mechanics and get told to go google and STFU u2nub

Because those are the PvP ships they use. Do you really think alliances go to Null just to mine and run missions? Sure the leeches do, but I guarantee you the people running the Alliance do not give a rats ass about the braindead PvE in this game. PvE in Eve is the MEANS not the END.

You gotta realize that PvE is already mindnumbingly easy. Alliances do not need more PvEers, they have alts for that. Furthermore, if you’re not contributing to defending the territory then what the hell do you expect them to recruit you for? So you can PvE for your own isk and contribute next to nothing?

I know I’m coming across pretty aggressive but you have to understand that isolationist PvEers like yourself have been A PLAGUE on this game. Literally trashing every last piece of emergent PvP content by crying for nerfs and changes that they know nothing about.

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i can contribute mine , sell minerals and build , but why go to war ? because some leader was a grudge for someone ? why should they decide how am i supposed to play the game ? it is my fault that they had a bad day or their girlfriend left them ?

  • The guy is in a corp called Eve is Dying.
  • He asked why anyone would want to do anything besides mining and project discovery.
  • Says we should just stay in HS and sell things to NPC buy orders.

I can go on. But this should be sufficient.


@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode I think this thread is blatant trolling, and I often give people the benefit of the doubt.


Ask yourself: Can we have call of duty but with dinosaurs?

The core concept of eve is full-time pvp in a sandbox. The market is player driven. Industry is player driven.

If you want something different, do you not want a different game? I hear Elite is a good alternative.

Now many corps want to goto null because that’s where the highest rewards are and you can build the biggest ships. But that doesn’t mean that’s where all corps want to go. There are other corps out there that don’t have the goal of going to null. They may be a better fit for you.

More importantly, if it has dinosaurs, can they all be herbivores?

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you just proven again what i talked about , you are making this harder when it can be simpler and there’s no reason for complications.

They don’t need minerals or manufacturers. By default, if they’re successful in Null they already have all of those roles filled. Again, this is not a PvE game. I know it sucks to hear, and every PvEer hates it, but if you are here just to PvE and horde wealth you would actually be doing more harm than good.