If the number of players on the server is not higher by this time next year



Here is a thing. Do you think that CCP would not revisit their choice if we had no CSM? Their booster pack caused huge uproar on reddit and this forum too where many first-time posters or posters who didn’t post anything for years showed up to give their opinion and many claimed it is the last drop and that they’ll quit.

And likewise. Do you really believe that if CSM representatives all thought that golden ammo is great idea and supported CCP in their decision they would keep it in game despite the huge uproar of the player base on reddit and forum?

Personally I doubt…

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That issue came up suspiciously close to CSM election, it was thwarted almost instantly which is very unlike CCP. I’d not at all be surprised if it was as a CSM relevancy PR move.


Oh gawd…here we go. Yet another whiny thread full of non sequiturs and ‘I knew you were going to say that’…and the sky falling down.

How about just focusing on your own game ? Congratulations on losing 32 Coercers in the space of one week to little effect. There’s clearly enough people in the game to enable that ! Why not talk about that…your own direct experience of the game…rather than rattling on about the supposed grand scheme of things.


He’s just trying to give credence to this alt.


Rolls Eyes

Indeed…seen it all multiple times before. The sudden flurry of alt activity in order to avoid the ’ you don’t appear to have ever undocked ’ riposte from the rest of the forum.

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There are new players in Eve! I’m a new player, 8 month old (hope this is seen as new). My first try with Eve several years ago failed misserably (I stopped after one or two weeks), now having more time and having someone I could ask for help in the beginning, I manged most newbee hurdles.
I can’t complain about the game. It is as it is, a new player must realize and accept that there is a lot to learn, and he must be willing to learn. I have fun, I know (some of) my deficits.
There is so much to do in Eve, Eve can make me happy for years (hopefully).


@Altara_Zemara Careful. In my experience, if you or he brings up his killboard and go as far to mention it reflects lack of experience, he screams “ad hominem, personal attack”, gets upset, and drops the thread.

Apparently that’s hard to believe. The long-time players seem to have a hard time wrapping their mind around the concept of new players. Says a lot about a game that’s supposedly not dying.
If it’s not dying then it’s logical there are new players coming in. I don’t understand how they reconcile the notion that there’s no new players but say the game isn’t dying o.O

How does CSM negatively influence player count or retention? Unless you pun at recent CSM stunt to make CCP withdraw combat booster from a bundle pack?

I agree with the OP. The CSM is pure failure and does nothing but allow nullbocks a masked connection to the Devs for their own gains. Id rather not have this than be lied to about its purpose. He is also correct that people are getting sick of the tired excuses for CCP being the cause of the major issues and not the game itself. They take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Sometimes I think the Devs live a little bubble or dont even play tbh. They have zero interest in connecting with the community beyond how they have it set up now. I come and go but never really quit just like most real gaymers and every single time I take a break its because of CCP. Almost every person I know has quit for a reason that is NOT getting bored. Its out of anger and frustration. Very few people keep playing constantly when they simply arent happy to be logged in and enjoying the game.
What would you do better? Thats an important question if you propose to destroy something.


Yup CSM is for Nullsec… I got asked to run once… I just Laughed.

Ive spoke to past CSM members and they stated that the only people CCP cares to hear from is the nullsec reps. If you speak for another group, they ignore you. I also have video of null reps stating they are given game change information months ahead of patches when all other get it. Scarcity was leaked to the nullsec ship builders, using the CSM, months in advance. Facts.

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CCP doesn’t understand who pays to keep the lights on.

The veterans who have 5+ years into the game.

Everything they do is about NEW PLAYERS. And even when those new players come in, they see the disaster that is the current state of the game, or they get funneled into the old-bloc cliques in nullsec and become disillusioned with that whole mess in-and-of-itself. The pathetic politics that go along with that… and they leave for other games that are actually more fun than a daily 9-5 that underpays.

The ridiculous material cost requirements for basically ANYTHING now, with sad mining yields… Capitals are their own disaster.

I just play for the markets. I was a big fan of ‘Gazillionaire’ growing up, and nothing ever came out that resembled that until Eve came along. 14 years into the game and that’s the only angle that I find even remotely appealing at this point. Everything else is gatekept by a handful of players.

22 accounts, all dormant except for the one I trade my hundreds of billions on that I amassed over those 14 years.

I agree. The CSM has failed and/or has been allowed to fail by CCP. It’s always the same people anyway. Just different faces but with the exact same agendas from the exact same groups every year.

It’s a useless entity. Much like the rest of Eve Online.


Nice write-up Destiny Cor,
I wish you had a voice with CCP that wasn’t diluted with forums trash. Im all about pvp but you mentioned that players want to log in and simply be able to play and do something fun. I have to agree here strongly. I used to be able to play from 2pm to 8pm due to work schedules. But during that time the gates are camped by the most powerful lowsec group to ever exist. Props. I used blops to get past the gate and jump freighters also. But thats all gone now because Lancers are sitting and waiting. GO somewhere else you say? Cant do that. CCP has killed everything else available and people like me have the option to move to nullsec and join PH or attempt to dock in the ONLY citadel in game outside of that which can compete business-wise. Does CCP even realize the damage and results of their stupid fkn decisions? I certainly do. How do I know? I run business worth multiple trillions in game. Its not a guess. All that revenue along with all my previous competitors is simply funneled to nullsec now.

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I agree with this bit but I do NOT agree it’s the csms fault at all. For the most part th can had tried their best. You can lead CCP to good and wanted game design by the players and consumers but you cant make CCP stop going after crypto (or whatever else new and shiny they think players want…)

I have never agreed with this. It honestly comes down to terrible decisions by CCP. Not just game design but pr, marketing, etc.

You do realize your list of unforgiving popular tittles does not have a FROM SOFTWARE game in it.

I want to start off saying that I am not advocating anything, I just want to know what people more “in the know” than I am think. Is there any legitimacy to the idea that EVE going completely free to play and having a ship/avatar cosmetic shop would be good for the game?