Why CCP are Heading to Failure

CCP created a game in 2003, Which was hard, and unique. It did not hold your hand, or tell you how to play. You were left alone and in the middle of nowhere with a simple ship and that was it. And that was the draw to every eve player. You were on your own, and left to survive. You had to use your wits to survive a day, let alone a week. And those that did survive, grew, they fought tooth and nail but every day they survived they got the priviledge to have better and better ships. Then CCP changed the rules to accomadate the new generation , that wants everything handed to them on a plate (Basically the the thing they promised they would never ever do) They sold Skill points, The Game then became a PAY TO WIN. I Know that eve is skill based, and no matter how much Pay to win there is, Skill will always win out, But CCP Just made all those years of paying them month by month, and learning day by day, Pointless. You lost a Titan , you had no idea how to use it, no worries (CCP’S opinion was - You can buy a new one for so many Dollars) This did not only ■■■■ on CCP,s faithfull players that had been paying them month by month for years. but made the whole game pointless. And now we are in the stage, where those that supported this game through monthly payments, are left on the wayside, CCP are looking for the Idiot whales, that will spend a ton of money for a month and then not bother to play again. Eve is dying because CCP are doing the opposite to common sense, Without a good foundation the house will fall. And CCP seems to just want to forget there foundation. Good Job CCP.


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