If there is only one person who want EVE to stay alive, that is CCP

Null Sec, as its name, should be one of the most dangerous place in the universe. For a long time, people in null sec have been farming without there brain. Those null sec corporations pull the new beginners directly to their null sec lands to farm, to pay them taxes. Bots is even safer than actual players for the do instant escape as soon as there is enemy enter the solar system.

CCP has seen what happened to Serenity sever in China. There, the largest alliance PIBC wins the game and the game is dead. Every revolt and fight against them is useless because they can drop thousands of supers and titans on your face —this is exactly what GOONS can do now in Tranquility.

Well, if they win the game only with smart policies and excellent fights, there’s nothing to blame. However, they got those titans because they have more bots farming than the others. Actually there was an interesting phenomenon in the Chinese sever —if we move back to 2014, people were opposing and fighting against bots in game. There were bots, but they were working in the shadows. However, two years later, since the year 2016, bots farming gradually came to the front and people were laughing at those who didn’t use bots because they thought they were stupid. And another two years passed, Serenity is dead.

So, the largest Chinese alliance PIBC comes to Tranquility now because they can make no money in the Chinese sever -I mean, real money. Interestingly, in the voice conference in March when they announced they came to Tranquility, the CEO- Mantou( a special bread in China), announced that they will work against any type of RMT behavior. This is good, but they said nothing about bots in game. They work against RMT because any people who do RMT will do harm to him and other alliance leaders- except themselves. And this is also why CCP is so strict to RMT behaviors rather than bots, for RMT directly do damage to their incomes while bots only kill the game, very slowly. But although slow, the game is still dying. While CCP has not developed any successful new game, they need EVE to get money to maintain the company’s operations, that means they don’t want EVE to die now.

If you see the statisticas for pirates killing, you will be surprised that VENAL has the second largest pirates killing. This seems absurd because Ranger Regiment quite smaller and has less players that the top alliances like Test and FRT. I don’t mean only RR use bots, but they certainly use much more bots than others.

Null sec blackout, I have to say, is a good way to kill these â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  bots right now. CCP is making a brave step and I am with them.:slightly_smiling_face:


Your point?

CCP is not a person. Iceland is not America.

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After CCP kept making it safer and safer especially in the last few years with focusing on pushing everyone and their dead dog into capitals and super capital umbrellas.

After having screwed up EVE so much that Hilmar flails like hurt, cornered beast. Instead of removing the real reasons why Null Sec has become too safe and too good a farming place, they just inconvenience everyone else and leave the largest and most damaging blocks intact.

Furthermore, in the past anyone would have gotten itself burnt alive on the pyre if they suggested that NPC should do more harm to players… Nowadays, after years of conditioning and ruining EVE, everyone cheers for NPC as their saviors. It’s just as ridiculous as the crowd from then, which fought tooth and nail against Hilmar’s stupid greed during Monocle Gate, that is now happy about every overpriced skin on the NES.

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Hilariously I remember Titans getting turret tracking nerfed AND targets restricted to three because they were too good at blapping subcaps.

…then along came Fozzie.

Pre-Fozzie you weren’t super blobbing unless you controlled the grid, otherwise the subs would slowly shred you. This was is why PL teamed up with TEST to form the Honey Badger coalition.

Now if there are supers and titans on grid they own it and the only counter is more.

Until that changes it really doesn’t matter what they do with the chat channels.

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You should have thought this over before posting it.

Oh if the threatened unsubs are actually followed through then they seem to be doing that.



Yes and no. If the money badger coalition taught us anything, it’s that you can form a large enough coalition to take down any opponent. Let’s not forget goons were thought of as unstoppable back then, too.

The difference here is that goons actually fought back, even if they lost. With current panfam, they aren’t even bothering to try and fight back.

The difference is the number of keepstars, supercaps and titans. Something like the casino war would not work nowadays. Also it was an exceptional situation because the funding was from outside the game.

The amount of supers being sold on the market right now is relatively high, so its easy to buy supers and titans nowadays, so long as you have the isk. Thanks to public keepstars, its really easily to buy and sell. Not like the old days.

Not to mention, the ease at which you can join the imperium, buy a bunch of supers, move them in secret, then leave.

The bot’s ai has probably been patched already. The software vendors are running a business that needs customers you know? Maybe it will be more difficult for botters. I don’t think this will outright stop them though. I don’t think anything will stop them completely.

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