If you had to choose between a paladin or a golem for high security space PvE (player versus environment) gameplay in Eve Online, which would you choose?

If you had to choose between a paladin or a golem for high security space PvE (player versus entity) gameplay in Eve online, which would you choose?

I’m also open to nightmare or rattlesnake

I would suggest utilising PyFa and compare fits with your skills (via ESI SSO or manual setting).

See GitHub - pyfa-org/Pyfa: Python fitting assistant, cross-platform fitting tool for EVE Online

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Thank you so much for linking me to pyfa, I am very grateful for your input. I already have Pyfa and I would prefer to hear your opinion about the subject matter in the thread title.

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I should also mention I’m not interested in machariel.

I flew one before and it was really good. But now I want to try something else.

Rattle and Golem. They can select Damage Type according to the NPC. Paladin is sorta limited to Amarr space as every other space has higher EM/Therm resists.



so ?

I use paladin, golem, khronos, vargur, all with maxed skills, in minmatar space. There are LOT of missions where pala is better than vargur - basically any one where rats spawn further than 50 km. And a very few ones where khronos is the best. Golem has a huge paper DPS (the highest) but only worth vs lots of BS that come close because torps are so slow.


In the L4 hub I know, I see about the same numbers of Paladin, Golem, and Vargur; with Paladin being perhaps slightly more prevalent.

I’m sure all these vessels will do the job; it’s just a question of which you would prefer to fly. I don’t think EVE has a ‘try before you buy’ feature. Perhaps some kind soul will lend you his/her fully-fitted L4 mission-runner so you can see for yourself. Would a visit to SiSi solve it?

For me, missions are just ISK and LP generation. I fly a Machariel; it does the job comfortably and I’m used to it.

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That makes no sense. It depends on the mission.
I’d do the damsel with a khronos 100% . The pirate invasion (where you have to shoot 7 BS) with a golem all the time. Any drone mission with paly, as well as long range ones. and missions with a lots of small fries (angel spies) with vargur.

IMO the least usefull are the khronos (definitive worst) and golem . Paly goes 2.3k@40(conflag) and 1.5k@90 (scorch) . Vargur is like, 2.3k@30 (hail) and 1.4k@60(barrage). vargur guns are capless but it’s worthless (it needs lots of cap for shield)

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Vargur because solar sail supremacy.

Between those two, though, I’d be more inclined to go with the Paladin because I personally dislike missiles and shield tanks.

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I know what you’re getting at, Anderson, but as I suggested, for me missions are essentially about ISK and LP - so I chose a ship which could comfortably do all the L4 missions. Of course, we have to change our fitting and ammo to fit the hostiles we’ll be facing, but not, I think, the ship itself.

You can do that, if you like the variety (missioning is repetitive, I know), it just hasn’t been my way and it certainly isn’t a requirement.

I don’t blitz the missions; I fully loot and salvage them (Noctis); otherwise just a properly fitted Machariel.

But of course, fly what you wish!

SisSi is good for a try before you buy environment but I have very little SP right now. Part of the reason I’m asking is because I don’t know where I want to invest my skills right now.

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Golem is one of the least useful you say?

Then I should go Paladin?

Yes… this is the reason I’m asking. Missiles are so SLOW. But they do have selectable damage.

Hi Gutterpunk, thanks for making it clearer where you’re coming from. I appreciate it.

I didn’t realise you were considering what to train for, having anticipated that your question was more about ‘flavour’ than about the important other considerations. My apologies.

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You don’t have to apologise and please, call me ‘Boykiller’.

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Someday I’m going to lose my Rattlesnake to gankers. Then I’ll be trying to figure out which T1 BS to use. I’ve become comfortable with micro-jumping and plinking away with sentry drones/cruise missiles.
Am I the only person who refuses to use expensive ammo in missions?

Why will you lose your Rattlesnake? Are you using expensive modules? Or do people just gank for the KMs these days?

Always has been.

I don’t think that is true. I’ve never lost a mission ship to gankers in the past. The only time I’ve ever been ‘ganked’ is in lowsec when I’m looking for fights.