Golem vs. Paladin

I play in Sansha space and I have both of these ships. Been playing a long time, but I admit I am not the best at ship fitting. I want to share what I am experiencing comparing the two ships and see if anyone has any recommendations.

The Paladin excels at zapping small ships from a distance almost instantly. Especially EM weak ships. I live in Sansha space, so it’s amazing to watch it just instakill them. But, it’s like the capacitor is the biggest weakness of the ship. I can’t get more than about 2:30 mins of repper running while shooting before it goes empty. So, I have to select run the repper. I can’t run any active resistance or the cap will be drained almost immediately. I also get frustrated with tracking issues. Even moving without a prop, it seems to lose tracking even on BS’s and needs to be at a full stop to work well. I put it in some Crimson Harvest sites, and found that without two webs, any ship within 10km was impossible to kill. Led to a panicky moment at one point when I was scrammed, tank collapsing, unable to hit anything. The RNG god spared me.

By comparison, getting into my Golem feels like easy mode. I also select run the repper, but if I leave it going, I’m fine with about 10 mins of cap available. It recharges quickly. I can run hardeners, painters, computers, etc and it’s fine. I can move it while firing without worrying about tracking, so when the bastion deactivates I can move toward an acceleration gate while firing at the last ship.

Other than sniping small ships in one shot, the Paladin just seems to be an overall incredibly weak ship by comparison. I wish it wasn’t, because the Golem looks like a junk pile and the Paladin looks sexy AF.

As for skills, I am all V’s in both ships except weapon specialization to IV.

What am I missing about the Paladin? It’s got a Corpus X-type repper, three damage mods, two IN multis. There’s a couple of tracking comps, the jump drive and mwd, then the guns, bastion, and some tractors.

Is there some kindly Paladin fan out there who understands this ship’s temperament who can help a pilot out?

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Armor ships are indeed slower rep wise. You really are comparing two different things. You really identified the differences between the ships. :person_shrugging:

Heck Caldari ships are the slowest SHIELD tanked ships in the game.

Armor is even slower id compare natural stats of pally vs golem but I bet good ISK that pally should/is be a heavier ship.

Shields are just best for PVE also and you obviously know that. Just capitulate and accept the golem is superior for PVE. :stuck_out_tongue:

I fly kronos blasters before pally sniper any day. I know for a fact the kronos/golem/vargur all have a very strong natural capacitor.

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i disagree !

some armor ships are way better for PvE then shield ships !
for the “normal” pve in HS or nullsec ratting it doesnt realy matter which marauder you take
in WH space with sleepers i see way more paladin flying around then golems or vargurs. i cant figure it out with facts but thats what i can experience
and still an armor setup for high class ratting is way better then a shield setup because of all this neuts !

Well I like raw DPS on shield ships and the thinnest tank possible in this game.

You can’t thin tank an armor ship as you’ll just die and the repper can’t keep up.

Golem has plenty of application slots. Missiles go like 80km with good skills idk what you want more out of a mission ship.

Oh yah as a lazer ship and you get neuted have fun with that. :joy: Tripple draining your cap with guns + rep + the neut.

Not for any of these other ships. Golem/Vargur don’t need cap to fire and blasters are not too cap hungry.

So clearly the Golem ------- Kronos/Vargur-------- Pally in order from best to worst. :stuck_out_tongue: For any kind of PVE.

idk @Vuhdo_Rin can you beat that? :point_up_2:

a drifter BS is heavy on neuts and the paladin can manage it easy, sure all other marauder can tank it aswell but in PvE is a neut on shield ships more dangerous then on armor ships cause armor ships can easier use a passive resistance profile as others, i know in HS you can just tank it with 1 or 2 specific resistance mods but in WH space you always need an omny resi profile.

no you dont need cap to shoot but if your cap is empty you die aswell as a paladin dies :slight_smile:

this is HS low class PvE xD sure i dont need a marauder to go for my 150-200m /h but i dont speak on low class PvE like a dumb mission rat

PvE endcontent is ( just my opinion ) High Class WH PvE like C5 ! yes all marauder can do and i never wanna say any marauder are better then the other but i see more paladin doing C5 sites then Golems and way less i see Vargur and at the end i see kronos in WH PvE

my mission kronos has 1 resistance mod and 1 rep oO i easy could just run the rep and never gonna get in trouble

btw … you cant thin tank a golem aswell if your doing WH PvE


your refute to that is “LOW CLASS PVE?” Id love to know what HIGH CLASS PVE IS?? :joy:

Golem has some pretty darn strong attributes in HS, LS, NS, or WH PVE.

of course.

It’s good fun all 4 marauders have their pros/cons. The Pally as OP pointed out is really a sniper and the golem is a hybrid of a sniper/brawler because of missiles.

Always the debate of the ages which marauder is the best. According to CCP noone used the kronos and they gave it a 5th midslot. :joy: :joy: So clearly the kronos was the worst.

You are a great man :slight_smile: But we will forever disagree on which marauder is the best. So I will not go down this hole anymore.

Low Class PvE is HS missions or nullsec ratting where you dont need to think about it and can do it without any effort.

High Class PvE like Incursions (HS/LS/NS), L5 Missions in Low Sec ( still pretty safe but more effort ) WH PvE is more dangerous, not endless available like missions, need way more effort to do it as safe as possible ( close WH Conections, create some warpin bookmars, eye on D-Scan and probe scanner, stronger NPC´s so you need more Tank Power, best way to do it in a group )

and this is just my opinion, everyone else can think that HS missions are High Class PvE.

non of them are the best and i never said one of them are better tehn others, i just refuse your comment that shield is better then armor in PvE cause both tanks have their strenghts.

and if you dont look on marauders there are still good armor PvE ships out there aswell shield PvE ships.
it always depends on what you want and what you need for this.

i uses my PvE kronos before i got the 5th medslot :slight_smile: its a great ship for missions and it was clearly the best marauder for ratting as i lived in fountain ( long time ago xD )

so close word … Shield PvE is not better then Armor PvE ! it always depends on your way to PvE. and for HS missions its irrelevant which ship and wich tank you use ! you will finaly easy get your mission done

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In general I agree: armor tanks is much easier to omni tank, especially with passive modules. Especially on t2 amarr ships. Similarly achieving omni tank on t2 minmatar shield ships is perfectly viable (but it won’t be passive, as we don’t have multispectrum shield amplifiers). Caldari have glaring em hole, gallente have glaring explo hole.

Amarr and Minmatar ship lines the best?

Paladin beats Golem any time in most PvE scenarios. Fighting against Angel Elite Ships being the exception because auf their insane EM/TH resistances.

The ability to switch instantly between short- and longrange with the huge optimal ranges of lasers allow you to hit most things right at the edge of your optimal firing range, having close to zero tracking issues, resulting in lots of increased damage hits (which missiles can’t even do). Good target calling increases the performance of the ship by a mile. And delayed damage simply plain sucks, no matter how much you split your weapons or count volleys.

When directly comparing the Pala to the Golem of my Alt in L4 or C3/C4 combat sites, the Pala has often shredded most the frigs/destroyers at range before the Golem has even landed the first missile. I get signifcantly faster runtimes in most L4 missions or C3/C4 wh combat sites with the Paladin. Golem is more forgiving, yes, it feels easier to fly because the shieldtank is much more cap-efficient when using gist-boosters than Armor Repairers are. But if you know the content and know how to deal with it, capacitor simply isn’t an issue on the Paladin. I barely need the Repper(s) running constantly for a long time since you can just reduce DPS so quickly.

Regarding the current event, this one puts the Pala at a huge disadvantage right from the start: It’s full of small stuff, has only one real big target in it and everything directly warps in on top of you. So you have no way to use your huge Optimal Range bonus but suffer a lot from the rather low base tracking. Kronos and Vargur really shine here, they can hit everythign right in the face with Blasters/ACs.


Agreed. This event is not for snipers. I appreciate the nice commentary.

For c5 sites, all the marauders can get the job done. I like the Vargur myself.
For the Drifter, the Golem is the undisputed king thanks to fully selectable damage. Needs a refit from the site, but all marauders need that.

The unironic Shield Paladin can run c5 Pulsar sites like a boss.

Regarding the current event, this one puts the Pala at a huge disadvantage right from the start: It’s full of small stuff, has only one real big target in it and everything directly warps in on top of you.

I’ve had a lot of luck with my Paladin fit in the blood sites. Put a Karelin grappler and a tracking computer in the mids. The other mids are the battery and mwd. The destroyers and stealth bombers are easy to kill. The cruisers are easy to kill. I put the grappler on the little stuff and let it slow down to 60 while I kill something easier, flip over and kill the small rat, then grapple another small one while killing an easy one. I keep alternating.

The Tetrimon sites are definitely harder for the Paladin, as the crusaders take forever to kill. It’s like the lasers have a 5% chance of hitting or less. Even grappled, they never slow below 200. Also, looking at the rat profiles, they are weak to explosive and their strongest resist is EM, so lasers are probably the wrong thing to use against them. A Vargur or Golem would work better for delivering that damage.

Try MJD (against ganking attempts), MWD, Grappler, FedNavyWeb. Then two Metastasis Adjuster II in the Rigs (compensate the tracking computer). You’ll hit everything perfectly, even the Crusaders and can use like 4 damage mods in the lows. The only thing that makes Vargur+Kronos better is that they simply have more raw shortrange DPS. But the Pala can also slice through the sites like a hot knife through butter.

Really don’t need any cap mods in there, I simply don’t use the repper at all, just pure buffer tank during the site and run some repair cycles while warping into the next when the guns are off. Absolutely sufficient.

I tried it in a Navy Prophecy combat battlecruiser, warped in, cap sucked dry, warp scammed, dead lol.

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