Igneus Vindicta is Recruiting Scoia'tael for Amarr Faction Warfare Casual No-Pants Fuckery with a side of Bittervet Syndrome

We are Igneus Vindicta. Recently rebooted, we are dedicated to fighting for the Amarr against the Republican scum. We were originally founded by Varrinox, a fun and elite PvPer who ranks on the top 100 of the Amarr Empire All Time Killboard.

Join our [Discord] https://discord.gg/TTmPAQe) for questions and please introduce yourself, give the in game name of the character you want to join with, your SP level and racial ship preference as well as a few details about yourself, your lifestyle and timezone requirements.

“Casual abusive roleplaying and overly complicated organisational systems are to be expected as the norm. We are back again, do you want to be part of the madness?” - Varrinox

We aim to be active in all time zones. Alphas welcome, but you must be at least 20 million SP

We Require:-
18+ age
Fluent English [Written and Spoken
A Portrait that Terrifies Small Children - extremely important, for examples see Exhibits A, B and C:

Exhibit a: Ravana 729’s portrait

Exhibit b: Varrinox’s portrait

Exhibit C: Scoia’tel Leader Yaevinn’s Portrait. (Note him casually abusing old ladies. Normies are scum.)

Willingness to train into corp fits
No history of sanity in the family
A cute giggle

We Offer:-

Amarr Faction Warfare
Experienced Leadership
Sexual deviancy of the highest order
Best noodles in town
A seat at the cool kids table
No time requirements - real life comes first
0% Tax for all corps

Recruiters: Ravana 729

We don’t require much from our members once you’re accepted, except, that you be cool, baby, and keep it low drama, as well as respectful of others.

We’re selective about who joins. You need to fit in well with our culture. Life outside of Eve comes first, we are one of those weird alliances that likes to play other games, and even if you need to leave for long periods of time you’re welcome to hang loose, but if you’re more active, we are well networked have lots of friendly faces in the warzone so you should always be able to find a welcoming fleet needing an extra gun.

Nova Sanguinem [MZLA], is for just okay pilots

Nova Sanguinem is a very safe, relaxed and nurturing environment friendly to all pilots.

A Drunken Squirrels’ Conspiracy for Revengy [OURAS], is for competent pilots who have over 30 million SP.

There are no time requirements and we like being able to play other games with each other too.

Tristan daCuhna > incest is a game for the whole family
krol Natinde > ive been looking for pvp all night and havent found a single fight
Zargeous > plexing like a prostitute though right
Amarr Citizen 23456 > i thought fw was only for stabbed plexing
Amarr Citizen 23456 > im confused now
Hojj0 > gate camp sahtogas saikamon gate

there are things to do in afw



edeity :max singularity 6th Empire dudes tried to fight us in Arzad once. We killed 8 of their 10 members, no losses our side.

abrahadabra: dank

A Mahorelas has spawned in the server.Yesterday at 2:30 PM
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nevermind, it’s just MAHORELAS.Yesterday at 2:32 PM
Hosaki - Yesterday at 2:41 PM

Caldari Navy Hookbill | Dreidon Bloodborn | Killmail
Dreidon Bloodborn (Schneckt) lost their Caldari Navy Hookbill in Tzvi (Devoid). Final Blow by Fetus Bey (Nova Sanguinem) flying in a Punisher. Total Value: 18,484,074.85 ISK

Ravana 729 - Yesterday at 3:05 PM
@Varrinox first FC’ing kill daddy-o :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ravana 729 - Yesterday at 5:15 PM
#2 https://zkillboard.com/kill/69932749/
Sunesis | Obi Augurey | Killmail
Obi Augurey (Perkone) lost their Sunesis in Hofjaldgund (Metropolis). Final Blow by Fetus Bey (Nova Sanguinem) flying in a Punisher. Total Value: 40,102,230.43 ISK

Ashlar Vellum - Yesterday at 9:17 PM
you are getting fights all around the place
we only get fights in one system ;D
May 13, 2018
Ravana 729 - Today at 12:30 AM
Hehehe aw thanx Ashlar, but I’m confused, which system and why?
Naxirian - Today at 4:35 AM
Ain’t nobody got time for stargates
Varrinox - Today at 5:56 AM
cool stuff, good job izi

We are still recruiting! Come be lazy with us.



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