Ignoring cosmic signature

Disconnections. Reducing the damage it causes.
Ignoring cosmic signature.
When ignoring a cosmic signature, it should continue to be ignored when we log back in after disconnecting.
The problem is this: the player passes through ten solar systems, scanning everything. then the game randomly disconnects. Now the player needs to scan everything again. When this happens two or three times, the person loses the desire to play. For explorers, this is a big problem.

To solve this problem is very simple; If you ignore a cosmic signature, it should remain ignored even after logging out and logging back in.
problem solved.

Some people stay online (afk) for hours, just so they don’t have to scan dozens of cosmic signatures again
Some people are randomly disconnected for a countless variety of problems. These people can lose interest in the game because of something simple to solve.

There is a very old, ignored and dead post. That’s why I’m bringing this problem back. It’s not a difficult problem to solve. please! take a look.

So, CCPlease! Make sure ignored cosmic signatures remain ignored when you log back in.