I'm having issues with my account I would go to the support tab if I was able to log into it

currently at the moment I cannot access my email and I don’t want to have my subscription for my account renewed and I would like to cancel it but I can’t get the verification key to log into my account on the accounting page
I have to wait for Google to send me a response to one of my other emails to be able to cancel the stuff and I don’t want to be billed and I don’t know how long they’re going to take

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I’m sure you understand how fishy this sounds, right?

Are you still using POP3, or how do you usually access your emails?

Email CCP, explaining that. Cancel your direct debit or standing order with your bank.

I also suggest you sort your ■■■■■■■ life out too. Losing access to your email, gmail authenticator & ccp account on the same day is just bad admin.

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Google is fast. You should be getting a response in like a matter of hours.

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