I'm helpless. I need CCP's help

I’m helpless. I need CCP’s help.

Today is 2019/01/23/2019/01/23/i am a player from China and I have been forced to leave EVE’s world for 2 months.
I will never forget the day of 11/23/2018. It was the darkest day in my life, when my EVE account zt2939569 and zt8527776 were blocked.
Banned for 0 days by CCP Grimmi. The reason specified was: Macro Use/Alpha Account Abuse
I am a pure PVE player, I don’t PK with anyone, just a person at ease in gao 'an area to do EVE sisters released to me and some official activities.
Zt2939569 number this is the number of paid zt8527776 is free, the no. 2 people in my own establish a corporation, the corporation tax rate is 100%, can do it just for the sake of intuitive see I paid zt2939569 do tasks can receive monthly income, zt8527776 in JiTa is free, no. This task is ready to see guitar market convenient shopping.
Both shopping zt2939569 and zt8527776 can be used for the benefit of the corporation.
I don’t know if that counts as abuse of free accounts, but if it does, I’m willing to pay for zt8527776 and this number.
As for the Use of Macro Use I really don’t know where is used, it’s me, if F1 to F4 editor to a mouse button is on the Macro Use, here am I apologize, I did not realize it is in violation of the rules of the game, because I am in China server to do so without warning, don’t know the server in the world to do so is a violation of the rules of the game.
I hope you can forgive me for this unintentional mistake. I won’t do it again.
Since zt2939569 and zt8527776, I have been writing a complaint, hoping to retrieve these two accounts. However, my complaint has not been answered for two months now. I am really helpless now, and I really hope to retrieve my two accounts and return to EVE’s world.
My English is very poor, I hope there are warm-hearted Chinese players can help translate my article into the article you can understand, thank you here.
我永远也无法忘记2018/11/23/这一天,这是我人生中最灰暗的一天,这一天我的EVE账户zt2939569和zt8527776两个账户被封号了。封号的理由是 You have been banned for 0 days by CCP Grimmi. The reason specified was: Macro Use / Alpha Account Abuse
至于Macro Use的使用我确实不知道是哪里使用过,如果是我吧F1到F4编辑到一个鼠标键上的算是Macro Use,我在这里道歉,我确实没有意识到这样做是违反游戏规则,因为我在中国服务器这样做没有警告,不知道在世界服务器这样做是违反游戏规则的。希望能原谅我这次无意中发下的过错,我不会再犯的。

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